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As part of my closet clean out, I am selling the following.  I did plugged it in for 5 mins to test and everything seems fine.   Asking $115.00 + shipping, net to me, Paypal Only.  Will ship to Canada or US, I am in Ontario.   This is the highest spec'd Meta42 JMT makes for stationary use. It's in a silver extruded aluminum case with blue LED, Neutrik locking jack and volume knob on the front and a round black power switch, power inlet and Cardas RCA jacks on the back...
I have a pair of Grado RS-1 that I have been holding on to for a long time in storage (over a decade) and they haven't seen enough action.  Time to let them go. Headphones only, no case.   They are in good condition with some small blemishes, see for yourself in my pictures.  The foam ear pads in the pictures are not in the greatest shape after this many years in storage. I found another set pads that I will throw into the sale.   I am asking + shipping net to me,...
I can't believe a forum full of headphone nerds/geeks has not a single suggestion on a multimedia device for home entertainment.
I have not been impressed or satisfied with the programming line ups from my local cable company.  I enjoy shows that I watch/download from the internet more than what I can get locally.   Therefore I am looking for a device that can   1. Playback media files   or   2. Stream live internet contents   I know of WDTV with the unofficial firmware.  What else is out there that meets or even surpass WDTV's (with the unofficial firmware) capabilities?  
I think that it's common knowledge the leader in terms of optics for sunglasses would be Maui Jim. Then there are also other contenders that come close such as Revo and Serengeti. There are also companies like Costa DelMar and Ruddy Project that are highly regarded by those who own it but they aren't nearly as popular. My question what's your preference for superior optics in sunglasses? I am leaning toward Maui Jim right now because I tried on a pair of...
I am looking for a CD player to replace my D-25S. My budget is around $200. Send me an offer of what you have and I will research to see if it fits my needs. Redbook playback is the only requirement.
I am looking for a decent interconnect to replace the one I can't find right now. I have a maxed out META42 and D-25S. I need something with RCA plugs from the META42 to my D-25S. 0.5m is fine. I've haven't posted in here for such a long time. Do you guys still use this amp and source? lol
After spending thousands of dollars on a engagement ring. Are you only suppose to wear it until you are married? Seems like a big waste, no?
I also tried safe mode to run off the cd or to do the install. It didn't help any.
I tried installing it last night but it kept freezing. I didn't get as far to getting prompts for action after the install option was selected. What's going on?
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