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Three hours later and my order already is listed as "shipped" with a tracking number from USPS. And  I only used standard shipping which is supposed to be 3-5 business days. So I guess this seller really does have them in stock.Better than waiting until May, and I believe it cost me less than it would have including shipping from iBasso.PS: the seller has good feedback (4.9 stars out of 5) on Amazon with 1693 ratings and they offer a lot of headphone stuff including Fiio,...
I saw that, but it might be the seller that did that.
I just bought one on Amazon for $430 including shipping. Now I do not have to wait until May 7th. I don't know how many the seller has in stock but here is the link:
Thanks. That is helpful. Seems like the DAC alone is much better than the one in the DX50, and even excels in some categories over the DX100.
Ha anyone yet compared the line out of the DX50 or X5 with the line out of the DX90? How different are the outputs of the DACs versus how much difference do the amp sections make in the sound?
I voted portable, but it is really more of a transportable rig: a micro ICAN amp with external battery. The weather here in Arizona is hard to beat, and I mostly listen out on our patio. The battery allows me to just pick up my rig and walk outdoors with it. I still would love to get a purifier for the very occasional times I listen through a DAC hooked up to my computer.
Good to know. I have heard of other attenuators messing up the sound. I will see if I can hear anything other than a reduction in spl when they arrive.
The FBI silver cable arrived and there seems to be a slight increase in detail and treble energy. I mostly can tell the difference since now I prefer my Zu Audio copper IC versus the silver RAL IC I was using with the stock headphone cable.   The cable is very nice looking and seems to be built to last. It seems appropriate that the 850s should have such a nice cable. Stock pictures of this cable are here:
She does have different priorities than me. She loves music, but is not as concerned about SQ. But when she does take a listen to my headphones she is impressed, so I figure she should have something better than cheapo earbuds. And like me she does not like iems that require deep insertion. I have tried other iems for her (EPH100 and REO), but she would quickly go back to the earbuds because she did not like sticking anything that deeply in her ears. The 650s sound like...
I'll settle for fewer points and keep the 850's for myself
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