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I meant to also say that the effect is effective but subtle. That seems to make it just right without introducing any other sonic artifacts or distractions. And it is subtle even with the "feed level" setting turned all of the way up to maximum of 15 db, which is how I am using it. I set the low pass frequency at about 600 hz, but I have not really played with that setting as much.
I just recently got a Mac computer and so am trying out Audirvana. I found the instrument separation to be so intense that I felt the kind of fatigue you can get with too much stereo separation on headphones. After a bit of searching, I found a super simple crossfeed audio unit component that you simply put in the library/audio/plugins/component folder. It has just a few settings after you activate it in the Audirvana preferences for feed level and for low pass frequency....
SOLD   Up for sale is my Nano amplifier by iFi. It is about 3 months old and is in like new condition. It comes with the original box and all accessories that came with it. I did apply the small rubber feet already as you can see in the pictures.   Price includes both Priority Mail shipping in the USA and paypal fees. I am selling off almost all of my gear to fund another hobby, so no trades right now.
I have a pair of RCA attenuators that work well also:   And the iCAN attenuators are very clean sounding and definitely generally help with just this problem. I don't know if they are out yet.   I will say that I have a couple of larger headphones that distort at high volumes when I am using the iFi attenuators. This is only when the...
Up for sale is a hard to find and rare TDS Passive Audiophile sound enhancer.  This is the heavier audiophile version that sold for $395 new. These units got rave reviews back when they first came out. It really brings the details alive in the music. It is in good shape and is built like a tank, however there are a few tiny nicks along the edges which you can see in the photos.   Here are some...
I forgot to mention that I use one of the new iFi attenuators with the iCAN amp. Without it, there is some hiss with the 850s.
The 850s pair well with the iCAN Nano. The 3D effect lifts the details and treble a bit and also makes the sound even more spacious.
The JVCs sound great with the smaller iCAN Nano amp for a less expensive and more portable solution, although it is still pretty large for a portable.
I finally listened to the FX650s I bought for my wife....and I was pleasantly surprised that they come pretty close to the FX850s. What a nice surprise. I am selling almost all of my headphone gear to fund another hobby, but I think I will keep these, especially since my wife hardly used them.   Anyone who wants to try the JVC woodie sound but does not want to spend for a pair of 850s should definitely check out the 650s.
Looking for a used Fiio X3 DAP. Let me know if you have one you want to sell, or partial trade for any of my items for sale including NAD HP50s, JVC HA-FX650s, a mini to RCA, Enacom speaker noise reduction, and even a Tera player if you are ready for a major upgrade :)
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