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So here is another question: My wife has a laptop that most of the time she uses at her desk, so she is in the habit of just leaving it plugged in anytime it is on her desk. So she rarely runs the battery down even a little, and it sits there plugged in 99% of the time whether she is using it or not. Should she get in the habit of doing as you recommend and run the battery down every time she uses the computer even when she is at her desk? Or can she leave it plugged in...
Thanks, that is very clear.
I am just a bit confused here. Can you spell it out a little more simply? Should I just make it a habit to plug in my charger anytime I am not listening to the DX90? Or should I try to always wait until the battery is fully discharged before recharging, and then recharge fully, but also then disconnect the charger when the battery is full? Or are you recommending some other kind of a combination of these two? Sorry if I am being a little dense here....I do appreciate your...
I would second that: the FX850 and Tera are a very good match. The slight roll off in the bass on the Tera matches up well with the abundant bass on the FX850's. And the JVC's transparency really lets the organic goodness of the Tera  shine through. And the Tera has plenty of power to drive the JVC's.
Vincent at iFi has confirmed that the 3D setting on the smaller Nano amp is a more subtle effect than on the larger iCAN and is sort of halfway between the one dot and three dot settings on the larger amp. With more listening, I find I like this new setting on the Nano even better than the settings on the larger iCAN. It sounds more natural to my ears, and yet still brings the sound alive and definitely makes it more spacious. It is more subtle, and yet seems to work very...
I got the attenuators from Vincent and added an addendum to my review of the Nano amp to describe my experience with them:   Scroll down in the review to skip ahead to the addendum at the bottom.   In brief, they work great to reduce hiss on both the Nano and the Micro iCAN amps.
It is a burn in cable that allow you to run your DX90 with this cable plugged in instead of headphones while breaking it in. It is a nice least for those who believe in burn in. You can turn the volume all of the way up while burning in with this cable and not have to worry about damaging your headphones.
Now they are also adding $11 shipping.And only 3 left in stock, so someone who just can't wait another couple of weeks will have to pay quite a premium. I would go for the MP4 nation deal and wait if I had not already ordered mine.
Back up for sale at a lower price.
Just saw that there are only 5 left on Amazon:   Last call until you have to wait for batch 2 in May..... Whoa....I just noticed they raised the price to $470! A bit of price gouging by the seller if you ask me   Glad I ordered mine a few days ago.
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