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Just got a used DX90 (my second one) and am loving it, especially when I feed my vibration transducer equipped zero-gravity chair as described here:
What if you could have full body sound and effectively limitless bass even with headphones? Maybe you can.   Others on here have mentioned the AuraSound bass transducers which are sometimes used in home theater systems to give tactile bass effects to movie sound tracks and the like ( And years ago, I had a homemade massage table...
Success!!!! My DX90 is back. Thank you for the info. I don't know how people who are not very computer literate survive in this world anymore, but it sure helps also to have people that can point you in the right direction when you hit a major snag.   Again, thank you.   And by the way, it sounds awesome with the T51p.
Thanks for the suggestion....but I can't seem to find the batch tool you mention. Could you please link to the post where it is located? I will give that a try.
I just got a used DX90 on here and can't seem to get my computer to properly recognize the internal storage. Here is a message detailing my problem that  I just sent to iBasso: "I just got a used DX90 and am trying to connect it to my computer which is running Windows 7 64 bit. When I select "storage" and then hook up the USB cable, the computer sees the DX90's internal storage as a drive with removable storage and if I click on the drive it says, "Please insert a Disk...
Hi Vartan,   I actually sold most of my headfi equipment several months ago, but my recollection is that I got 6-8 hours out of the battery I was using. And it did not seem to lose SQ as it dropped to a low charge state, but I rarely went all the way to 0% charge.   Hope this helps.
Up for sale is a lightly used Kasina mind machine by Mindplace. I bought this refurbished a couple of weeks ago, and it works great. It is easily the best stand alone mind machine using flashing led lights behind your closed eyes that I have ever used, and it adds a whole new dimension to the experience of listening to music. It comes with over 50 synchronized sessions that combine lights with music, and I also purchased a couple of extra albums of specially encoded music...
Glad that it has found a home where it will be appreciated :)
Great to see some Tera discussion again on here. I have not been keeping up as I am shifting my focus to another hobby for now. Sadly, this means my Tera is up for sale again on here in case anyone is interested. It is still the best source I have ever owned.   Edit: It just sold, so a new Tera owner should be very happy soon.
I meant to also say that the effect is effective but subtle. That seems to make it just right without introducing any other sonic artifacts or distractions. And it is subtle even with the "feed level" setting turned all of the way up to maximum of 15 db, which is how I am using it. I set the low pass frequency at about 600 hz, but I have not really played with that setting as much.
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