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Found a website where a reviewer said the HD600/325/HD570/HD590 sounded better then the F1's but added..   In fact, for movie watching or listening to binaural recordings, I would probably rate these as the best of the batch. And for those of you who don’t like the inside of the head effect headphones can be sometimes accused of, the Sony’s would also likely be you first choice.   Replace movie watching for FPSers.. The listed price was 225.00..
I never considered the new model DT48e to have liquid mids.. They sound a tad thick compared to the vintage models, is what I would recommend, even though the new model DT48e sound a bit more convetional compared to the vintage models. In short. The new models are not the best represenatives of the DT48 sound. They just sound like very good headphones IMO. I read the 25ohm models are a bit faster & more detailed then the 200ohm models which are more upfront. Both are the...
Thread was just started yesterday.  
Eyedrop.. Judging the pics, you were the only one wearing the DT48..
Orthos are not the end all when it comes to mid range.. Yes, the mid range can be very good on a ortho. Sometimes 'magical.. But It's like saying one fighting style is better over another just because.. It's the practioner that makes or breaks how good the art is.. Same with headphones.. Just because a headphone is a ortho doesn't automatically make it have a better mid range then dynamic or Electro's.. If that's the case.. An entry level ortho will have much beter mids...
I just heard about it on the news... I guess the 'alien' ambassador will depend when/where the aliens land.. Yeah.. Greeting aliens.. You can do a google for more info..
Would love to compare this to the Goldpoint v9 amp & Concerto.. Both are in the same price range..
The 650's have better mids then the DT880 250ohm.. Can't speak on the 600ohm... But I might buy a pair..
You also owned the K1000.. Do the Nova Basics REALLY have a better mid range?
A guy claims he never got a game I sent him. I included Delivery confirmation. The package was delivered.. But it's possible that there was a screw up. & some people have no problem takingr things that are not there's. One time I had two people who purchased my one item. It was really weird. One filed a dispute.. I just c/p the time my item was purchased. He lost by a few seconds.. I showed him the proof that Ebay screwed up.. How two people could win the same item...
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