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Am giving one last potential buyer a chance at these and if he/she backs out I'm just going to keep them. Thanks-
Bumping the price down one last time, after already once saying it was the last time....   Price is shipped within CONUS.  Ridiculous price for these headphones.
Lots of fallen-through deals.  Still for sale.  
All PMs returned, still for sale...
Last price reduction.  Have had interest, but no payments.
Still for sale.  
Replied to the PMs. For some reason not getting email notification on these--sorry if there was a delay.
Posted photos, reduced price.
Price reduced. Am continuing my headphone pruning as I continue to primarily use old favorites.  Up for sale is a lightly-used, smoke-and-pet-free pair of Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 Sovereign Wood Headphones. I have the original box as well.  Great portables--one of the best I have used--I just never use them. I haven't sold here lately, but had many successful transactions in the past--perhaps there's still a record of those somewhere as proof.
Am selling my Corda Headfive amp. This was a limited run for Head-Fi.  Assume if interested you'd already be familiar with this.    Very good condition, non-smoking home.  Let me know if you have questions...!   These photos are a bit dark but the amp is basically flawless.   I had a bunch of successful transactions on Head-Fi but looks like they changed the feedback system since I last sold an item.  I'm also "reconceive" on eBay with many positive seller...
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