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I'm intrigued by a Vmoda m100 as an alternative to my IEMs for when I travel, but I expect to use them so infrequently that I'm having a difficult time justifying the purchase.  If you're looking to let a set go for a bargain, pm me.  Thanks.
Sounds like my package included the same items as everyone else: phones, drawstring bag, usb wire, 3.5 plug, button diagram and an advert for skins.   This is my first experience w/ bluetooth 'phones, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of sound I'm getting when pairing w/ my iPad for 30 mins of video watching and some gaming.  The build doesn't even seem that bad... likely a result of the ultra-low expectations I had from others' reviews.  We'll see how...
vFree arrived!  Thanks ianerhard13 for the heads up.
Can't say I've heard of them , but "free"...   FREE TigerDirect has the Ultra U12-41502 Carbon Noise Isolating Earbuds for FREE after rebate. $3 shipping. Tax in FL, GA, ID, IL, NC, SD, TX. Features a 3-foot cable length and passive noise isolation with S, M, L fitted silicon earbuds. Three click button microphone to answer calls, play music and skip songs. $15  rebate... Marley On-Ear Headphones - Exodus Harvest   Today: $39.99       Original MSRP: $169.95
Received your pm. Agreed. Reached my pm limit but will be in touch as soon as I can to move fwd.
After a great deal of research, including scrolling through these forums for hours, I purchased Audio-Technica a700s for my first foray into the world of highend headphones. I'm planning on using them for gaming and DVD watching and I can't wait for them to arive (supposedly today). That said, in doing my research I stumbled upon a considerable amount of discussion on headphone amps and now the possibility is nagging at me. My primary question is: would there be...
I'm about to delve through the forum, but I thought I'd post my questions first. I apologize if its a recommendation request that's been addressed repeatedly. That said, I've been scouring the internet for the last week or so researching 'phones in the $100 - $150 range that are good for gaming and watching DVDs. My research has steered me away from "5.1" or "surround" models. I'm leaning toward something wired and closed, but I have yet to find a consensus top choice...
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