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I started smoking just as 2010 ended and I regret picking it up.  I hope I can leave it at that and to be able to say that 2011 was the only year I smoked.
I currently have a Tavor assult rifle:     and I'm supposed to switch it to the Micro Tavor this month:
update: tomorrow I'm finally joining the army. Anyone else here joined the army since I opened this thread?
well i'm 18 so i didn't get a chance to go to major concerts but I have been to these three Asaf Avidan and the Mojos -3 times. Paul McCartney at Tel Aviv Gogol Bordello at Tel Aviv  
I'm drafted (every male that at the age of 18 is drafted for 3 years, females for 2 years).  But I was joking, i'm looking forward to it, most of my friends already joined the army so I'm pretty much bored these days. 
In 17 days (March 16th 2011) I join the army, FML
beers :)
Hi... I work at this pizza place and I'm tired of listening to the same playlist for a year, the same songs all the time. So I wanna make a playlist on my iPod with music that are mainstream that everybody will like. mtv music, hip hop (like b.o.b), pop (like rihanna) and other music like dido, michael jackson that everybody likes. Any Suggestions?
smoking hookah with friends or simply hanging out with friends..
Hi.. me and a some friends are going to NYC and wanna check out some music shows. They don't have to be famous artists, we'd love to go to one of those little bars with music shows.  We're 21 so no worries there. Any suggestions? 
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