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This meet was probably the best at BottleHead since they started inviting us. We had a table full at the premeet. We had the biggest turnout. This place was jumping. We had new peeps from Canada, there was new gear to audition. Audeze EL-8's, even got to audition DocB's new DAC. Um that thing was making peeps grin from ear to ear. The Vinyl set up was just plain retro. Receiver , TT, receiver, cans. that was it. Great rig. All the new faces, a whole lot. And a Big Thank...
Some of us are taking the 10:35 ferry to go to the to get there around 11:15 or so for Pre meet. Bring your cameras, this is one of those places you do not want to miss. And yes Doc B. turned me on to this place. BIG POPPA, tk155, curbfeeler,xtreme4099 will be there. Noobs you want to be on this boat. Pre meet boat ride, we are here to answer questions. I am one of those foodie?chef types. So we do eat good, drink good, and have the best host and...
PB is kinda like the engergizer bunny putting amps together
Keep in touch with me. Stuff like this comes my way. It does look like they will make my way. Just light me up.
BottleHeadquarters get it right...Lol. Would love to audition your T1's with my MPX3
What are peeps bringing new to this meet.
Who is bringing new gear?
I have a few A to mini, to me you get what you -pay for. Can bring that rig.
Yeah, this a meet thread. great question at the meet. Just sayin'
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