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Yeah, this a meet thread. great question at the meet. Just sayin'
I will be Bringing my  Singlepower Mpx3 and the Music Fidelity X-can V3 and X-psu. 2 amps One Senn One Grado ........
Very nice to see new peeps coming
Just picked up the pair and read all the threads and the threads are all 10 years old. My questions are 1. What mods to do since I have the PSU. 2. What are the tubes to make this amp sing. 3. What Cans sing with this amp?
The location will be set when we have enough peeps to set the date at the venue. It depends what venues are available on desired dates.
I have been bringing CD's for the last 2 dozen meets. It is only an inconvenience for the noobs. In this hobby you always bring your music in CD's, usb stick, or portable player with all cables. You never know what the rig is to audition your music.
strip yes, wifi maybe? they last 4-5 hours usually. And if you miss this meet......... lol and you can call me and ask all your questions i am the source.
I do have a CD player. Thinking I am the only holdout. Arcam CD73 my workhorse.
It is OK, you can't hold everybody's hand. Just gather the masses!
'Meet in the Middle" was the name of the original meet in the middle of Seattle and Portland. We need more peeps from Portland to chime in. Am more than willing to put this together. Sounders are chomping at the bit to come down. I know the OLY guy is mad at coughlabrowncough.......
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