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It is like this, I need to get a fair interest from Portland, please please. These are easy to put together.
I got these from Soundsgoodtome   "There's a Time" - Doug MacLeod "The Vivaldi Album" The four Seasons Anne Akiko Myers   Look forward to these, out of my norm.
Please Do
Yes please do, that would be amazing to audition....
I'm in Conus
John glad you are coming..   Bring your questions. that is the best place to start. Also bring a friend. always better to share your experience. Mostly, bring your gear. you will find out how great it is when you try other gear with it.   You are more then welcome to meet us for breakfast to break the ice and get the ins and outs on the meet.   Also remember to have fun listening to the gear. there is some great gear that comes to the meets. Just be mindful to take...
Updated 1st post to clarify
it's the Admiral Branch. We have had some great meets there in the past. Parking is OK. It is next door to the Metropolitan Market so it is easy to get something to drink or snack on. Endolyne Joes is by the Vashon Ferry, and the Beveridge is just a few minutes down California. I refer to The Beveridge Place as the "Office" since Curbfeeler and I have discussed so much Head-fi meet details there. Some of you have been there. It is one of the few places to have a beverage,...
Yeah the last IC got locked but the planning did not stop for a Seattle/Portland meet. I can plan the meet easy peasy but we need a little more help with interest from Portland. The last one was 50/50 and was awesome.  Please post interest in this thread. And we will get this meet going!!!!
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