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Basically we eat drink sleep listening to our rigs up here. We tweek upgrade and trade our gear. We are nuts when it comes to our rigs and won't change a thing. My two cents
Updated 2nd post with more info
When Saturday July 30, 2016   Where Bothell Library             18215 98th Ave NE             Bothell WA 98011   Time    10am-5pm     Premeet TBD Aftermeet TBD
OK guys, put in for venue for the infamous Red Hook Meet. Will know in a few days if I got it. Just a formality. So get ready for it. More details coming soon
For learning how to listen, I start with a black canvas in my head. Then I fill in the color of sound. And then the detail. The next I fill in the soundstage.. Is it small, large, wide, narrow, tall or short. Next is the separation of instruments, where are they placed, some will be hi, some low, some close, some far. And then the vocals, are the clear, are they muffled, are they laid back, or in your face, are they centered, or off a little bit. Can go on and on......
Seattle Head-fiers crashed Portland, now Bellingham. I do know where to have breakfast in Bellingham. Harris St cafe is still my fav. Would make the trip just for that. Portland represented with VooDoo Doughnuts. What is Bellingham representing with? Do plan to bring a growler or two. S.O.P. Lately my gear has been getting modded. Do have my Cardas power cable upgraded with Oyaide C004 and P004. Silky smooth.
This meet was kinda surreal for me. Getting on the road 4AM. Stopping at a Bigfoot Truckstop on the way to PDX. Going to VooDoo Doughnuts. Where do you PDX'ers eat before 830 am? Eater and Yelp did not help. Finally finding Mapleleaf cafe. A block from the venue. Steak and eggs for 10 bucks, very awesome. Eating with musiqboi and grizz was cool, little premeet festivities. Finally getting to the meet, seeing a few faces I have met before. Ken from ALO next to me, Seth...
Every place we go to eat is closed , we will be around the venue looking for a place to chow down before the meet
With 300 hours , you are convincing yourself. With true blue tweaks, it should be very transparent . Don't try something because it might do something, try something because it will do something. Bold thoughts, bold tweaks..... Great insight, some work, some do not. Just the way it goes. My 2 cents
New Posts  All Forums: