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Yes Doc B The Public House at the Marina is my favorite. You know us Chef types. It has the Million dollar view of Seattle with the ameneties. Easy Street has the Suzy Q. 6.75 bacon and eggs. My other favorite, ask Curbfeeler... Then Beths Cafe. I have my own table, even when its busy.
Downtown ferry. We are trying to get enough time to get on ferry and not be late.
9am breakfast at easy street records in west seatlle to get things rolling then off to the ferry. You can buy music to take to the meet. Right on the corner of alaska and california.
Im off tomorrow, please call,text, email, pm me to get things handled..
Breakfast .............hello.......... Then wait for ferry
Updated attendee list
So who do I need to put on the list???
just text me we can get you on the right path to the meet.
Markj, it has been a while. It will be nice you see you again an hear your phonitor again
I know...... A week or so before the meet and the thread blows up.... 
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