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You know it's OK to confused with the Seattle Meet threads..... How many meets do we have? And this is the 4th or 5th Redhook Meet. Good problem to have
Not lately, it is a 400 class on Head-Fi... With all the Bene's.... Pm or sms me... get you in the loop
I have a SinglePower MPX3 all tubed and cabled up. And recabled the HD700's , with all the gear tweaked to the 9's. I have them dialed in.
Thanks a bunch for pitching inWhere are you coming from?
Be careful, we usually have the most surely crowd. With food and a few adult beverages mixed in. And some deep discussions..... With some A/B / Blind testing going on........
Seattle Head-fiers are so Notorious for Secret Meets....... If you got new gear and you want peeps to listen to it, We will, we will. There is not too many meets where we are not at somebody's house or work listening to new gear between meets. This is the reason we do meats quarterly... Somebody has new gear and an audience is needed.......
I will bring some cables.......... I have a stable of Power Cables, IC's, HD650, HD700, cables. Most of them I have built. Even will bring the Box, And the Synergistic Research QLS-6. Besides the Singlepower Mpx3 all tubed and fused up, A couple DAC's and my Trusty Arcam CD73 with My Normal cans
Chuck from 1964 just informed me that an audiologist will be in tow. Free with purchase!!
Possibly, can make that happen. Do know a few peeps
Balanced/Unbalanced depends on all gear connected. Just because it has a balanced connecter does not mean better. Just a different connection in some cases. Things to understand evaluating cables.
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