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Yeah, a little tied up
Barra splitting hairs is like rolling caps, resistors, fuses and maybe some hook up wire. Cables are easy, Cable treatment is easy. Metallurgy is easy. Welcome to the rabbit hole..... It is quite the auditory journey....... You are in good hands.
A ups is a bandaid for a power regenerator. That my friend is the holy grail really.
I am here johnjen
A few thoughts... The Yggi is a awesome piece of equipment. Having one hot transported and another cold transported gave me a great perspective.... It is just fine cold transported. there is not that much difference really. I can tell easily, but it is me. We are nitpicking that last 1%. The Yggi sounds great either way. Haters are idiots. The Yggi is a home run and it deserves more love for what it can do. The shortcomings are a short list. The one thing we did is...
Yeah we had another one. But this time we had a hot transported Yggi and a cold transported Yggi. We Blind tested a ton of cables, rolled tubes, and just the topic's of interest was enough to blow your mind or put you to sleep. 50/50 either way. Miceblue did take pic's and the company was great. Just a few thoughts...
It's like this. If you are in the pm list you know you are going. If you get a phone call you know you going. If not. Maybe next time. There is not close to enough room for a meet for gen pop. And these meets are not for noob's we get pretty technical at times.
To me the charts are way off. To me they were a distraction.
Yeah Mullet it was a rookie move when it was not even his meet to plan!
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