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The meet was incredible on a few points. Best hosts on the planet. Doc B and Queen Eileen just show so much love to us Seattle Head-fiers. Best place to start the season, We take a boat to go to the meet. How awesome is that? How many peeps took a cab from the ferry? That was a first. There were a few cab's bringing Peeps's to the meet. Monolith Amp, 'nuff said. The Bottlehead listening salon is just amazing. The gear Seattle Head-fiers bring is dialed in, even the...
Wow what a great meet , getting on a boat, will post more later
I know there are a few of us packing right now. It sucks getting up way early to pack up the rig after you get it set up just right. And not bringing everything just doesn't give the audition the way it sounds in your home. We have all been there. I am not bringing everything. Just way too much. But what I am bringing like the new Mytek Brooklyn Dac, will be fun to audition. Besides my rig and all the tweaks. If anyone needs anything just let me know. Can usually handle...
You will need at least 45 minutes to tear down and put the room how you found it. Trust me , it takes that long with even the most experienced Head-fiers
To those who are thinking of taking the ferry, PM me to get my cell so we can do this. Bottlehead is 10 minutes most from the ferry.
If you get to Bainbridge after 2pm it would make it easier for someone to pick you up, prolly be me. Someone may post they are catching a specific boat so keep an eye out for that. Glad you are coming. You will have a great time.
OK guys, 1PM is for tube warm up. Tube gear needs a little more TLC than Solid State. 2pm for everything else. There is enough space for everyone. Believe me, we have done this a few times. Please understand the nice folks at Bottlehead are working 6 days straight just to host us. With that, I would hope everyone understands the start times.  We will prolly get some food before the meet. Just part of the meet activities. PM me for details. Please bring powerstrips, extra...
So who has room for for a carpooler? And where are you coming from?
You're in the wrong thread my friend. You just missed the arm chair quarter back thread a few threads up.....
We talk tubes Torq . Middy really🙄.
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