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just text me we can get you on the right path to the meet.
Markj, it has been a while. It will be nice you see you again an hear your phonitor again
I know...... A week or so before the meet and the thread blows up.... 
Updated second post with attendee list. Will check fb page to see if I missed anyone. There are a few missing regulars.
It was pretty cool. Organic Distillery....... Tasting is not for the light hearted.
Yes I prolly can set something up. Before the meet could be happen? BIB afterwards??? Something like that?
Should be getting an attendee/gear list going. To see where we are at in the next few days. Please let me know if there are any concerns that not have been addressed yet.
I figured you would have dialed it in by now. What tubes havent you tried?????? Look foward to hearing it again.
I may bring some wifi of some sort. If we can get signal we are fine.
A thing to take in consideration, there are rigs that have a subscription services and let peeps to pick out their own music. Some just open their library on their computers and let peeps pick out their own playlist. I may be the last holdout still using a cd player. And I bring a box of cd's to choose from. What I do if I find music that I like is write it down and then try to buy it.If you go to something like "Music Matters" then every room will have a specific playlist...
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