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This thread is starting to warm up. So happy about that. Lets get some MOT's in the mix. Last meet in the middle had a few.
Lets get a list going. Just to get an idea?
The venue is easy, the interest is the concern.
That should be in a new thread??? That is not an impression???
You know we are some of the luckiest Head-fiers. If somebody does not make a meet. That is OK. We have another one around the corner. We have more meets than anywhere else in Head-Fi. We have the dedicated Head-fiers up like no where else. You are in great company. Better meets are always coming.....
We can have more reps. Just pm me to get the ball rolling. Just do not like to waste someones time if there is no interest. Also gives me time to attend to their needs.
It is in the works as we speak.............
One issue we had at the meet. We normally have 1 maybe 2 tables per outlet. This meet had 3-4--5 tables at outlets. There was only 3 or 4 outlets for this room? But we managed.
There is a learning curve to installing iems/ciems. You get the twist and tap down with the occasion jaw pop it is a piece of cake. There are angles that need to be learned to get a proper seal. The iems/ciems will move a little wearing them. So sometimes a tap is needed to get them right again or moving your jaw around time to time. I have had Livewires since they first came out and many Iems for years. Just my 2 cents.
Us Seattle Head-Fiers may or may not have have created the aftermeet. We have perfected it. We sure started the Pre meet though. We do have a protocol for everything, We do want everything the same. Curbfeeler and I meet very frequent to wire things tight. There is a lot of work involved putting these meets together. Ask Doc B how many times we been to Bottleheadquarters? We are always working on the next meet. Planning a Portland meet has came up. Have an IC for...
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