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Yeah Tavern on the Square Breakfast 8am and Beardslee Public house when we get done.
Well a number of vendors keep up with us by social media and other means. It is not a secret when we have meets. And we have them quite often. Great time to be in the Northwest.
We will have premeet will post that in a bit. Yes and the aftermeet. Will bring that amp that was at Solstice. It was a pretty smooth set up. Oh yeah, did get some 6fg8 tubes for the MPX3. Should I leave my magic rocks at home... lol. Since Bottlehead, these meets have been a blur...... all fun though and do remember voodoo doughnuts and a lot of beer through the meets.
Just come, it will be fun. Bring your gear. It will sound great
Basically we eat drink sleep listening to our rigs up here. We tweek upgrade and trade our gear. We are nuts when it comes to our rigs and won't change a thing. My two cents
Updated 2nd post with more info
When Saturday July 30, 2016   Where Bothell Library             18215 98th Ave NE             Bothell WA 98011   Time    10am-5pm     Premeet TBD Aftermeet TBD
OK guys, put in for venue for the infamous Red Hook Meet. Will know in a few days if I got it. Just a formality. So get ready for it. More details coming soon
For learning how to listen, I start with a black canvas in my head. Then I fill in the color of sound. And then the detail. The next I fill in the soundstage.. Is it small, large, wide, narrow, tall or short. Next is the separation of instruments, where are they placed, some will be hi, some low, some close, some far. And then the vocals, are the clear, are they muffled, are they laid back, or in your face, are they centered, or off a little bit. Can go on and on......
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