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on my sig
We also have the FB page
Um, it is only a finger. Childish and classless I get that. But there is no pornography or profane language.......
Giving to give it to the end of the week to drum up more love from the Portlanders to get this meet going. Late April or May? Have a few things in the works.
Would love it to be Centralia, we just need to get more Portland love!!!!!
Yes the super secret after after meet, you need the secret handshake to get in to that one.........
We need more support from the Portlanders......please please please
Hey Portlanders, can we get some more love for the "Meet in the Middle" Been getting PM's and emails inquiring on the next meet. I will plan the next meet in the next few weeks.
Nice, it is warming up!!!!!
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