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  Yeah it was a mouthful watching him.
@BobFiggins be afraid, very afraid. I am uploading pic's and you are in trouble ...lol
This is the quote" This is the secret of this hobby. It's is not the gear you have, it's the new music you listen to. Your rig will surprise you from time to time." Yup that was me talking to Elric
I do open to close most of the time. I have been in competition in some venues. The next two meets should be a lot more time.
Meet impressions here   2015 Seattle Redhook Meet impressions
This meet was crazy, Headamp and 1964 where there. Will post impressions and pic's soon. Ready for bed
Who is making for Breakfast?
I live in Shoreline and I drive around to the 527 exit on 405 exit 24 I think?
And if we need a secret meet for it.......Done!
Nah, if you have a badge from a previous meet that would be fine. To me it's just another great meet, the room will do 75 peeps. Love the hype though
New Posts  All Forums: