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keep your eyes peeled
This meet did not disappoint. Premeet was great. Heads were blown just by all the stuff we got going on up here. When a Dante trainer makes the meet to see what we got going on with the AOIP setups. New head-fiers showed up with great gear. Home made tube amp and pair of Focal Utopia's. To me the vets seem a bit happier. We are a jolly bunch but the rigs that showed up were really top notch. I know that there were a bunch of pic's taken so I do hope they post them soon....
We are at endolyne joes
Yes it is and a couple of Cool cmoys from . almost ready to head out to Endolyne joes for pre meet
My 10 year old son calls him AtomicBomb
The premeet has been decided. Endolyne Joes at 11am. Ist post has been updated.
You know you are one of my inspirations.
We got wifi
Meet info has been updated
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