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My Modi Multibit shipped today, so that'll be replacing the NFB-12, and I ordered a balanced HD650 cable from mimic-cables a little over 2 weeks ago so that should be shipping soon as well.  As soon as I get everything and have time for some serious listening I'll make a post with more detailed impressions.
Just ordered my Mimby.  Will be pairing it with Audio-GD NFB-1AMP and Senn HD 650.  I just got my NFB-1AMP in the mail yesterday and got impatient so went ahead and ordered the mimby.  Currently using my old audiogd NFB-12 as a dac (dual Wolfson 8741), and am hoping to hear a solid improvement with mimby.  btw NFB-1AMP is a lot bigger than NFB-12.  I would have gone for the Jotunheim like so many others here but I need all of the extra inputs/outputs offered on the NFB1,...
Received my NFB-1Amp yesterday, really dwarfs my old NFB-12!  Still waiting on the balanced cable for my HD 650 so only enjoying half of it's power, and using the NFB-12 as a dac temporarily.  That being said, initial impressions are favorable :)  
http://schiit.com/products/jotunheim-phono Edit: just realized you meant self-installed.  Nothing to see here 
Not exactly an audiophile setup but posting anyways :)
My NFB-1AMP is arriving in a day or two and I'm getting ready to order a mimby, wanted to order a nice cable (sub-$100 nice, not head-fi nice) to go along with it.  What would be the best way to connect it to my motherboard, Optical or USB?  I have this motherboard.   Edit: Or some sort of affordable usb-spdif converter?  Just trying to find out what my best option is.
Was planning on ordering a modi multibit to pair with my on-its-way-to-me NFB-1AMP, might have to wait until I hear impressions on the Singularity-19 as this is closer to my budget than other AGD DACs
Make sure you're getting the auto-reply email from Audio-GD, if you're not you should try a different email address.  I just went though this, took me a week to figure out my email weren't getting through to them.  
PSA: looks like the price was lowered from $750 to $700 (and you can still get the new years 5% discount on top of that for total of $665.00 + shipping).  Prices lowered on other AudioGD stuff too, I just ordered an NFB-1AMP
I'm actually looking at the detailed invoice now, and it appears that I was mistaken.  Kingwa DID give me the new lower price AND the new year's discount.  (My paypal invoice just had the total price not a bill breakdown and I'm only now looking at the detailed invoice).  I was charged $461 for the NFB-1AMP (485 - 5%), $52 shipping, 3.7% paypal fee, 0.3% handling fee.  I saw the total of $533 and assumed it was the original price of $520 - 5% discount + shipping.
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