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All this bimby-mimby comparison and I haven't seen a mention of the bimby's power supply.  That's the big selling point to me.  Although $599 was more than I was ready to invest in a DAC, hence I'm a mimby owner.  To quote Mr. Stoddard in 2016 Chapter 10 of the Schiit Book:
You're You're going to love it...I'm using the 1amp with mimby and hd650.  Let me know how you like the LCD2 with c2, planar cans will probably be my next purchase.
Nope.  The gumby is more than I'd invest in a DAC.  If schiit ever did a multibit balanced bifrost for ~$750 or less I'd consider upgrading.  I just got a balanced amp because I needed balanced preamp outs for powered monitors.
I've had my mimby for around a week now, and I must say it pairs amazingly well with audio-gd nfb-1amp.  I listen to mostly dark electronic music, and the sound signature of this setup compliments it really well.  Out of character for me but I spent several hours this week listening to classical music; I'm blown away by the soundstage and separation.  I know what people mean now when they describe the mimby as providing a kind of 'holographic' soundstage.  I'm pretty happy...
I've been going back and forth between my motherboard's onboard optical and USB.  I want to try coax.  Would I be better off using a Singxer F1, or a Xonar Essence STX II pcie card with coax spdif? I would think the pcie card since I'd be cutting out the USB?
The setting button controls the phase of the output signal.  Pushed in is inverted phase.
You prefer the ladder?  
I don't know about Manhattan being related to 'mood-based listening'... But I believe that you found Dr. Alphabet
That makes sense, it just flew over my head as I normally associate winter with Q4.
So this page says the M1060 is coming 'Winter 2017', and this page says 'ETA: 2/9/2017' any idea which is accurate?
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