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We're just testing new setups and in order to find the optimal settings, it will take some trial and error. Repetition is the mother of skill. So if you see a post repeated three times, read it, read it, read it.
Some of the features of the forum may not be fully operational. Please be patient while we work through these issues.
You can listen to a funny interview on Fresh Air with Terri Gross here -- it's with the creator of Arrested Development, Mitch Hurwitz. He talks about the cancellation/abridgement in detail. - originally aired on November 3, 2005.
A friend of mine that owns gas stations told me that their distributor only has two types of gasoline in his fuel truck.. the lower octane, and the higher octane, and that the mid-grade is just a mixture of the two -- how scientific the measurement of the ratio/mixture, he wasn't sure.. in fact, he said that if you're going to go with anything, avoid the mid-grade and go with the highest octane available at the station.. but overall, as my dad recommends, if the manual...
The only photo that that would be disturbing in that regard, would be me handling/wearing the headphones.. because that would probably be the last record of the phones being in one piece.
Thanks for your suggestions. mod_gzip has already been deployed a long while back. MSIE page status does not show the compressed size, but Mozilla does. But if you have access to a Web client that supports HEAD requests, you'll see that any text/PHP content on the www6 is gzip encoded. Zend Optimizer is also installed. The system runs fine for hours on end, but particular queries to the database, and certain threshholds are reached that make processes stick, which...
You can upload up to 10 at a time now.
During a software upgrade, I managed to kill the photo-post database, as well as the backup that I made just minutes previous. So, rather than busting out into self-deprecating humor, how about this.. If you had an album on the photo section, send me TWO (what you think are) UNIQUE file names that you have uploaded to the database, and I may be able to build that association with your user account album. In fact, just upload a couple of images NOW that you uploaded...
It's called PayPal, and my email address is: . But honestly? Go to Sound Money. Don't take one piece of advice.. read, and learn about investment strategy. If this is your first real investment, don't throw it all in some stock that interests you. If it's a huge sum, diversify the investment. But, best advice is just to read more about investing on a site like that. Or, visit a site like Choose To Save, a valuable resource about saving money.
Quote: Originally Posted by Iron_Dreamer I guess things must be going downhill, first ads, then a drop back to only 20 posts/page. Yeah, surely the sign of the apocalypse. Actually, it is a good idea. Even just a few extra bucks a month helps support hosting this site at a tier-1 data center on enterprise class hardware.
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