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The AKG K240's are 140€ here, way above my budget. And about testing, I did try to test some headphones, like the Senn's 439's in some stores 2 days ago, but none of them would open up the box to allow testing and none of them had any demo models below 400€ ones. :/
   Are the Creative Aurvana Live! a substantial upgrade to my Sennheiser HD 202's? They're only 15€ more expensive than the Senn's, and I don't want to buy new headgear if I won't notice the difference. I guess I also don't like their looks a bit, though if it's like, WAAY better sound than anything else on the market at that price-point, that can be glanced over.  What is your guys opinion on AKG K451's? Yeah, they're on-ear rather than over-ear, but, if the sound quality...
Hello.   I've been a lurker and review reader on this website for quite a while, and it helped me pick up my Sennheiser HD 201 and later HD 202 II. But now I'm thinking of upgrading.   The thing is, my budget is up to a maximum of 90 Euros (120$ USD) and no more.To be honest, even that is pushing it. And I'm looking for a noticeable upgrade to my 202's. Another thing is, I live in Latvia, in Europe, so we don't have a lot of the brands, or some are more expensive than...
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