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The Astrotecs look pretty good, I'll also probably shop around for those MH1Cs if I find them available. They are a little higher than what I thought I'd go for right now but I dunno. 'Not too much bass' isn't specific enough really, I should definitely figure out what kind of sound signature I want though. Do you know anything about Brainwavz? They seem to have some pretty good ones with an emphasis on balanced sound but I've never heard of them.
Sorry for double post, accidentally included a link here and it took a while to get approved.
I can't find those on Amazon. I'd prefer to use Amazon since I just received a gift card. Is it the Sony MH1C? Looks like that's out of stock.
I wouldn't necessarily say bass-light, it just seems like, from a lot of the ones I saw, most of the reviews said something along the lines of 'the bass is really great, the highs are a bit tinny/distorted.' I'd rather have a good range than just powerful bass.   Sorry, I'm really new to this whole scene, hope I'm making sense.
Hey guys-- I just joined up recently. I figured rather than digging through Amazon reviews like I have been for the last few hours, I'd just ask you guys what you think. You seem to know your stuff here. (It's worth noting I'm quite new to this scene, and don't really know the difference between in-ear headphones, earphones, and in-ear monitors. Is there one?)   I think I'm definitely below the range you guys normally talk about here but I've seen a few topics on...
Hey guys-- I just joined up since I'm starting to get into the whole heaphone/earphone thing beyond just buying the lowest price. This seems like a pretty cool place. Nice to be here!
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