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Bump it's like new!!
Hi I have some CD and DVD that I would sell. CD is Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Gospel (CD condition like new but case no so good) DVD is instructionnal for learn to play acoustic Blues guitar from Stefan Grossman, and acoustic Blues footage. (DVD and case like new)     Asking 4$ or 3 euros each CD, 20$ or 18 euros for instructional DVD and 15$ or 14 euros for footage DVD.   CD     Aretha Franklin - Live At Filmore West Big Bill Broonzy - Sings Folk Songs Billie...
Hi, I'm sad but I must sold my recently acquired Aurisonics Kicker because don't have a good fit and hurt my small ears.   I have buy it by Musica Acoustic in November.   I live in France but can ship it everywhere.   Price is 210 USD or 195 euros.
It's custom only right?
I think with my budget I can find something better (more pricey) no?
ok so what iem do you recommand?
ok from what I've seen Fiio X1 is a good alternative, not as big as a Fiio X3 or iBasso DX50 but have a good sound.   the thing is I don't know which iem to buy for having a good synergy with the X1
What do you think about TDK BA200 with Fiio X1, not too warm?
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