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Hi, anybody know if  it support a 128GO card?   Thanks
Also interested of the OP question!
Ok thanks, have you a good retailer who I can buy it? (I've heard it's many fake of this model)   Do you think I can wear TDK BA200 straight down?
The FXT 90 doesn't sound to bright for brass instruments?
I don't want wear over the ear...
Yeah I've read many things about the BA200 but it must be wear over the ear no?
Yeas but must wear over the ear no?
http://www.head-fi.org/t/658365/philips-fidelio-s1-and-s2-new-iems-with-semi-closed-back/300   post 305 and 310
I read S1 and S2 it have less than average isolation and harsh, sibilant treble...   What do you think about Vsonic VC1000 ACS T15 Fischer Audio DBA02 MK2 Vsonic GR01 Dunu DN1000 JVC FXT90
Fidelio S1 and S2 isolate good ?   Any other suggestions?
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