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I have the money for some ridiculous amp (graduation funds), but I gave myself a $250 budget to save for college... The Vali sounds enticing, but I don't want to spend that kind of cash atm... I have no real reference, but my setup right now is very pleasing to my ears. I will definitely look into the DAC you mentioned, though; i'm using my mobo's reaktek atm. Thanks for the input.
I feel like if there were any less force, they wouldn't feel secure on my head. The slight rigidity just makes them feel like a solid pair of headphones an does not cause any discomfort imo.
I am so pleased with how comfortable these things are. Headphones have never really fit me well; these seem as if they were crafted for me personally. I have yet to break them in, but with my little tube amp and spotify, I'm really enjoying what I hear. The sound seems smooth, yet precise. Just thought i'd fill you in...
Nice; do they loosen up after a few days? From what I've read, they have a pretty tight clamp force initially, and I don't have a very small head...
Not bad at all; seeing that as of last month I am a college student!
How much per month? (Assuming it is a monthly fee)
Thanks! I'll give a brief report of my first impressions tomorrow! (After a decent burn in, of course)
Do you think my specific mobo audio chip will hinder the dt990s significantly?
D3 or D5, sorry   Yeah, i've put a few out there, but i've also learned an extensive amount regarding headphones in the past week.   I have an e6 by the way; would change much if I ran that with the bravo 2 for eq adjustment/enhancement?
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157378&cm_re=asrock_h87-_-13-157-378-_-Product   That or I could just purchase a cheap external one; the fiio e5 and e3 are $30
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