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Hi everyone.   I am the second owner of both of these products.    Sold.   ==============================================================================   Sennheiser HD600 in excellent (like new) condition with the original box.   I had received these in this condition and I have used these for <20 hours.   I'd like £140 for this including paypal fees but excluding...
I assume it will probably be the same/similar. Thank you!
Thanks for sharing the link with the differences between the two. I have also looked into the HPH-200s, there seems to be a lack of information on these headphones relative to others. At the moment they're between the SR60is and SR80is in terms of price on Amazon. I can't seem to find the european head-fier selling a pair in the trading section of the forum. I can actually get the MT220 (closed back headphones) for around £80 via amazon warehouse deals (used) which is...
Right, I think that I'll just decide whether I will wait or not and make my purchase based on that. Are there any other headphones you've owned which you think might suit me? Also the alessandro ms1i is roughly around the same price as an Sr80i oor maybe slightly more(when taking into account import tax). Would you say it's still a good deal? If it weren't for the tax it'd be at a similar price to the Sr60i.
Thanks sinnottj! I've also contacted alessandro music to see if they'll be releasing an e version of their headphones and I'll let you know if they get back to me. 
Does anyone have any information regarding U.K availability of the e-series?
I see, I was somewhat set on the hd668b/hd681f but now I'm not too sure.
Do you by any chance have any experience with the HD681F? Also, in what ways is the MS1 superior in sound, is it the transparency/clarity of the sound? I personally find it frustrating not living in the U.S when it comes to electronics in general. If I were to buy an MS1/i/e I'd have to pay customs on top of it too and that's also why I'm a bit discouraged..   I think that I'm probably set in getting a superlux headphone for the moment, just deciding which one at this...
I see, I think I'm going to go for a superlux phone for now and then wait for when the new ms1 comes out. Thanks for getting back to me.
I see. I read that the k601/k612 are quite demanding so I think that I'll probably go with something else. My plan at the moment is probably to get a superlux headphone then a good amp/dac and then better headphones (perhaps the k612) if I think it's needed.
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