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Within minutes. Wow.
With much sadness, I am putting my beloved Grado SR-225 headphones up for sale, since they simply don't get the attention they need, and they deserve a new home. Asking for 150.00 shipped within CONUS. Thanks all.
go cast iron, you won't regret it.
thanks for the great advice everyone. nor_spoon - Would it make a big difference if I didn't use the loadbox/speaker simulater if I have that mixer that I originally posted? Thinking I am going to get the usb version of that mixer at this point though.
Hi everyone, I'm back after a long time hiding myself (and my wallet) from this place. I was just curious if any of you have set up a home recording studio, I want to use mine for guitar. I am looking for an all digital setup, recording to either my mac or my pc using a firewire mixer. MultiMix 8 FireWire - this is one I am currently looking at. So, as far as I can tell, I would go into my guitar amp and out into my mixer, then into computer? or would it be done...
I actually just bought the new apple keyboard to use with my PC, it is easily my favorite keyboard that i have ever used.
Quote: Originally Posted by plaidplatypus I would stay far away from this project. If you like your GF take the "family" out to movie night or better yet go see a live performace. I wish it were that simple... Actually I am doing this all through the GF, her parents don't know me due to Ethnic and Gender reasons... (I am a boy, and they don't want their daughter dating, and if they did want her dating, they would want her to be with someone...
Ugh, I know this is disgusting, but... My girlfriends parents want a set of 5.1 speakers... all in ceiling... Does anyone have a recommendation for FIVE in wall speakers that sound good, and the price limit is... 500 dollars... YES, I am aware that these requirements are absurd... Anyway, thanks for any info in advance.
Wow... I think I am a super taster... almost all those foods are things that I dislike! That explains a lot...
Overall, what is the biggest and best change that they made? Time-Machine is great, but I don't want to have an external drive plugged into my laptop, otherwise I would love that feature.
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