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it's probably out of production. it was made a few yrs ago. there are some reviews out there (mebbe by TBonner, &/or m8o?). i'd try and find a thread for you but i'm gonna pack it in momentarily.
that's not the Head-fi spirit. ya know, 'welcome to h-f - where wallets go to suffer and die!'   
the ld3 is a completely different amp than the mk3. it's got speaker outputs as well as a headphone jack. it's a nice little tube amp with an autotransformer that matches to the impedance of the cans it's driving.
they were popular in some quarters so who knows, you may like it and she may like it. iirc they do need a # of hours on them.   the color of the sound or the color of the phone? 
Ron, does yer T amp that you usually use for your k1ks work well with the he6s?
has anyone tried them yet with either a heed canamp or a little dot III? both of them can drive akg k1000s so i'd think they'd have enough power for the he6s.
Guys, how about some more impressions, please. I saw some comments in another thread about Ray's SR71b driving the HE6s, and would love to hear more about what this amp &/or this combo is like.
DM, you have, after your nightmare, developed some kind of relationship with Ultrasone. and they owe you.... any chance you can give them a call and see if they can show up at the meet. and if not could they send you an Edition 10 (as well as mebbe an ed8 & ed?) to bring along? (it'd be really nice if they'd donate one for the auction! )   tia.   Jude, you have contacts at Sennheiser. any chance you could get them to show up?  
  wow! omg - a portable driving k1ks!?!  how well does it drive them?  who was that guy a few yrs back who was walking around in public with k1ks? he'd have appreciated this rig!   btw, do you have any experience with the ibasso P3? how good is that amp?  
this is all very promising. of the several sets of ultrasones that i've owned the 750 was by far my least favorite, even if it was technically superior to some of the others. i never found it particularly fun or pleasant to listen to, so off it went (hopeuflly to a more appreciative home). one thing that i've often found enjoyable about ultrasones is their bass. it's often worong, but it can be deep, impactful, and fun! if the 10s can combine comfort, impact,...
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