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does the Smyth system just replicate the spatial characteristics of a given system in a certain room, or does it also mimic the spectral and tonal characteristics? i don't recall. if it's the former than i can see why cans and amps could have a significant impact on the end result sonically, but if it's just the latter then i'd think that the can and amp used would have less of an impact on the sound that you're hearing.     sure, i'd love to hear about that. i've never...
  this is illegal where i live as it's quite dangerous to both yourself and others in your vicinity to operate a vehicle and not be able to hear what's going on around you!  
interesting choice. why are you excluding your beloved leben?     DOH!  i didn't recognize it w/o the Smyth name.  i heard the system at canjam a couple of years back and it was quite interesting (there was also a recent review in Stereophile if anyone's interested.).  if it's mimicking the sound of a given speaker/room system, shouldn't differences in phones and amps be minimized?  i mean wouldn't most high quality broad range set ups suffice (potentially saving a bunch...
i think you're just being silly, sally.   the wa5 can drive k1ks and even speakers. isn't the le pretty much the same thing sans spkr taps?  someone reported that the prototype rsa sr71b was able to drive the he6s, and that's a portable amp. a powerful one, but a portable nonetheless. btw, whatsa realiser?
try here for a little info & a couple of pix of the little dot III+ (or 3+): http://www.geardesk.com/gear/view/41/ http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/301004 http://community.klipsch.com/forums/t/80137.aspx http://public.fotki.com/m8o/audiovideo/headphone--headamp/2006-nyc-meet-not-my-pix/
it's probably out of production. it was made a few yrs ago. there are some reviews out there (mebbe by TBonner, &/or m8o?). i'd try and find a thread for you but i'm gonna pack it in momentarily.
that's not the Head-fi spirit. ya know, 'welcome to h-f - where wallets go to suffer and die!'   
the ld3 is a completely different amp than the mk3. it's got speaker outputs as well as a headphone jack. it's a nice little tube amp with an autotransformer that matches to the impedance of the cans it's driving.
they were popular in some quarters so who knows, you may like it and she may like it. iirc they do need a # of hours on them.   the color of the sound or the color of the phone? 
Ron, does yer T amp that you usually use for your k1ks work well with the he6s?
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