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  Justin, do you have any idea of how much it will cost owners of the older amps to upgrade the modules? also, is it possible to upgrade a v2se (i think i know the answer, but i gotta ask...)
  it'd be helpful if folks would post what's in the system picture when posting it originally. and as long as you're going to add pix, how about including one of your tt (along with a description).
milezone, please describe what the picture of your system shows.
  of course your not done - after all it's all about the collecting of the equipment!  listening is over rated. a c q u i s i t i o n ! ! ! !     oh, and what else is on your shopping list? 
  welcome to head-fi (you know the rest) .....  
  the jh-13 is pretty darn good, and it really isn't hyped. it's just a superb device. the originally jh-3a, as demo'd at canjam in chicago, had even better performance. that really was incredible!   and while it isn't an iem, the stax sr-009 may prove to be pretty close to perfect.
Justin,   while the leather cases on the portables (eg. pico slim, power pico etc) are nice, can they be designed to - secure the amp in it so it doesn't slip out - have some sort of provision to secure it to one's pdp (eg. snaps or velcro with corresponding pieces to attach to the player) these simple changes would greatly increase the utility and convenience of the designs. thanks.
if you're looking at this you're likely familiar with this much discussed and sought after custom headphone. if not, a search will turn up a lot of info. it takes a while, and a fair amount of money, to get one from smeggy himself. this set is in great shape and is a work of art. there was a pair recently advertised at over $700, and i know of a recent sale that went (quickly) for a fair amount more than i'm asking, so i think this should be a good price for someone...
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