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  killing off the next generation of an endangered species to hear a headphone is your idea of a joke?!   momma panda might want to have a word with you about that.    back on topic, ps1s are fascinating phones, and now seem to command fascinating prices!
  H-f has had multiple users with the same avatar for many years now. no one has dibs on these things. oh, and nice new avatar btw. it's more interesting than it's predecessors.     back on track - the GS-1 is a fine amp. my variant of it, the v2se, has been a wonderful device over the years.
  gotta go with the jets and giants, of course!  but regardless of team preferences, your previous avatar had more visual interest.
  what is the voltage bias of the amp? can you compare & contrast the pairings of the phones with each amp?
  or will it be like batch 3 of the bhse where yer just gonna go with the superior unit as standard equipment?   prep-meister, yer old avatar was better.....
  sounds interesting. any info/links so we can get a better idea of what you're looking at?      
Neil, would you split these up and sell the pieces individually, and if so how much for each? how does the es2 differ from the es1? how come the serial #s on the amp & phones don't match up?
  until the ants come marching in!          oooooooh, details please! is it a lot more affordable than an original?
  Justin, do you have any idea of how much it will cost owners of the older amps to upgrade the modules? also, is it possible to upgrade a v2se (i think i know the answer, but i gotta ask...)
  it'd be helpful if folks would post what's in the system picture when posting it originally. and as long as you're going to add pix, how about including one of your tt (along with a description).
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