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  are they any pix or more of a description of your latest diy creation? your builds consistently look better than a lot of commercial endeavors and are often aesthetic masterpieces! actually it'd be great if a thread could be assembled with photos of your various projects. i'm sure many here would love to see that! if you could give a brief description of the diy 'stats for those of us unfamiliar with them that'd also be helpful.
this looks like it was a phenomenal meet! labels on the pix would be really helpful, as would some more listening impressions.   frank cooter has a history of making the most remarkable looking amps. are there pix of his latest creation?   jude, what were the impressions for? did you order the ue personal reference monitors?
  brute force + meat cleaver + large, sharp pliers! 
can any stratus owners comment on how it pairs with some other cans such as the akg k1000, k701, k550, k2xx and k340, jvc dx1000, sony cd3000, r10, and qualia, other orthos such as yamahas and fostex variants/mod jobs, senn hd 6xx & 800, beyers, various grados audio technicas, denons, and shures, stax via an adapter box, any iems, etc etc. tia.
agreed, pics would be useful and nice. unfortunately i am not set up to take and post pics, but for someone who is seriously interested, i can direct them to get a gander.
  it might be a good idea to do some thread necromancy and resurrect that thread incorporating the relevant posts from here to keep it all in one place.
the phones you mention are not portables and may not hold up well being tossed in a bag and carried around. there may a number of sturdier phones that are a better choice for your purposes, some of which were previously popular but get less attention these days, eg:  sennheiser hd25,  akg k181dj, equation audio rp21 and of course stuff that's been popular in more recent times such as: at m50, shure srh 840 and (some will find this shocking) srh 940. there's also the...
  killing off the next generation of an endangered species to hear a headphone is your idea of a joke?!   momma panda might want to have a word with you about that.    back on topic, ps1s are fascinating phones, and now seem to command fascinating prices!
  H-f has had multiple users with the same avatar for many years now. no one has dibs on these things. oh, and nice new avatar btw. it's more interesting than it's predecessors.     back on track - the GS-1 is a fine amp. my variant of it, the v2se, has been a wonderful device over the years.
  gotta go with the jets and giants, of course!  but regardless of team preferences, your previous avatar had more visual interest.
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