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cool. those prices are helpful.  the other part of the story would be what's the price range for the requisite tube set. obviously that could vary greatly, but what's a general range?
    so you like yer car buds better than yer head-fi buds, eh? if you can spend some time on the musical side, it'd be nice. 
  that's informative for those (undoubtedly many who are following this thread) who are very familiar with the Cavalli line and the prices of their products.  for those of us not so up on this it doesn't really help.  for the sake of general knowledge it would be beneficial if someone would someone post those prices as a general range for where the new amp may fall.
  can anyone comment on how it compares to the pico slim (yes, i'm well aware of the differences between them and what they'll drive).
how much will the amp cost? will you be offering different tube sets?
  are they any pix or more of a description of your latest diy creation? your builds consistently look better than a lot of commercial endeavors and are often aesthetic masterpieces! actually it'd be great if a thread could be assembled with photos of your various projects. i'm sure many here would love to see that! if you could give a brief description of the diy 'stats for those of us unfamiliar with them that'd also be helpful.
this looks like it was a phenomenal meet! labels on the pix would be really helpful, as would some more listening impressions.   frank cooter has a history of making the most remarkable looking amps. are there pix of his latest creation?   jude, what were the impressions for? did you order the ue personal reference monitors?
  brute force + meat cleaver + large, sharp pliers! 
can any stratus owners comment on how it pairs with some other cans such as the akg k1000, k701, k550, k2xx and k340, jvc dx1000, sony cd3000, r10, and qualia, other orthos such as yamahas and fostex variants/mod jobs, senn hd 6xx & 800, beyers, various grados audio technicas, denons, and shures, stax via an adapter box, any iems, etc etc. tia.
agreed, pics would be useful and nice. unfortunately i am not set up to take and post pics, but for someone who is seriously interested, i can direct them to get a gander.
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