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  i just glanced at the review (hope to finish the whole thing later), and while i appreciate your considerable effort, right off the bat i have some (ishca)quibbles, eg.:     really?!?!   in particular the mdr-r10, and to a lesser extent the qualia 010 are absolutely legendary high(est) end phones!!! and the mdr-cd3000, was none too shabby being in many ways a baby r10, and a far better value.  also, their top of the line iems seem to have their adherents.       it is...
there seem to be quite a few prominent & obvioius omissions, for example sennheiser hd6xx (& others), akg k701 (& others), lots of grados, beyer T1s (& others), jh audio, westone, etc etc etc. sorry if this has been discussed & explained already - i haven't read the entire thread as of yet.
  having owned all of them (some multiple times) i find grados, in particular the rs-1 and the oft overlooked, but not necessarily inferior, rs-2, are far superior rockers to the sa5ks. they are exciting and engaging phones that really rock out. that's been their calling card for many years. the new ps500 has a somewhat different balance that has pleased a lot of folks. also overlooked these days are the sr225s and the even better hf-1s, which have been favorite rockers....
i'm interested, as i originally posted last night. the only person to reply before me was superknowva.
  Jude is certainly a good person to talk to about this. i'd also suggest talking to organizers of all the previous canjams going back to 2006, long before the canjam name was coined.
cool. those prices are helpful.  the other part of the story would be what's the price range for the requisite tube set. obviously that could vary greatly, but what's a general range?
    so you like yer car buds better than yer head-fi buds, eh? if you can spend some time on the musical side, it'd be nice. 
  that's informative for those (undoubtedly many who are following this thread) who are very familiar with the Cavalli line and the prices of their products.  for those of us not so up on this it doesn't really help.  for the sake of general knowledge it would be beneficial if someone would someone post those prices as a general range for where the new amp may fall.
  can anyone comment on how it compares to the pico slim (yes, i'm well aware of the differences between them and what they'll drive).
how much will the amp cost? will you be offering different tube sets?
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