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  good choice - PT rules!         like a tumor? 
  - Canjam - Head-fi (inter)national meet - LA 2 day meet - LAX (3rd) meet   but whatever it's called, it certainly is NOT the first that your thread title states. this is continuing in a tradition of large head-fi meets that has been going on for years now. the 'canjam' name was coined for the third large head-fi meet of this type by the south florida crew that hosted it back in 2008.
Norn cables?  they look kind of like Norse cables, no?       if they are sold you should close the ad!
  cool, except this is far from the first. that would be the one organized in 2006 by immtbiker, jp#s, & bozebuttons.       you might want to contact the crews that organized the recent meet there, as well as it's predecessor in 2009.
  LAX is much easier for those flying in from out of town. (and it worked out very well for canjam in 2009)
  it's a gas!:  
... at which point the new Senn 'stat may be available and you'll be torn between phones....  
thanks for the clarification, Romy!
  is there a big difference between the 25 & the amperior or is the latter simply a refinement of the former?   one oft overlooked phone around here is the akg k181dj, a phone that is far better built and better sounding than it's very popular smaller sibling, the k81dj. i owned the hd25ii and k181dj at the same time, and while i liked both, i ended up selling the senns and keeping the akgs. there are also some cable and diy mods that are supposed to affect significant...
  x2 !! more detailed impressions, as well as labeling the photos (so those who don't know the attendees, both human & gear, can put name to face) would be very helpful and much appreciated!
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