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  yup, it might cost you a bunch to attend. but it might also save you a small fortune in buying and trying different things. and it'll be a blast! it can be a great vacation, especially if you have a little time to spend checking out the nearby natural beauty, like rocky mountain national park.
    some folks cannot stand objects in their ears. others either adapt or have little or no problem with it. for some, ciems by far do the best disappearing act.
    i'm almost afraid to ask, given the obscene prices Wiktor asks for orphs & their amps, but i will anyway. how much does he want for these stands?
for those who have no problem sticking things in their ears, there's nothing like properly fitting custom iems.   for over ear cans, woody grados with bagel pads ala gs1000 or ms1000, are very light and don't put much pressure anywhere.
  well none of the business are non-profits or charities  . yamaha does have a serious history as a manufacturer of both fine musical instruments as well as some pretty good hifi gear. some of their stuff back in the '70s & '80s (headphones, tts, spkrs, electronics) while not state of the art, was very nice!
  if this is to be used in a small bedroom he may want to reconsider the whole subwoofer thing. small speakers can often be surprisingly satisfying, especially in a small space. and true deep bass can be the quickest way to muck up sound. consider looking for some nice small monitors with a decent vintagey receiver with a phono stage.
  great avatar, from a great album!  so how does it sound on yer koss vs yer senns? only 2 relatively inexpensive phones so far?  keep hangin' around here - this place will flatten yer wallet eventually.....  
  i've never seen akg at any meet either. have they ever been contacted and invited? as far as space goes, well you just may need some more! 
    Jude, that's a nice preliminary list but with some glaring holes in it, eg. akg, beyer, denon, dna, eddie current, etymotic, grado, head direct, headroom, schiit, shure, sony, stax, ultrasone  and of course beats & bose , just to mention a few. and what about ttvj and moon audio? are any/many of these likely to show? i'm sure the free brewskis will boost attendance! 
 thanks for the clarification.
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