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Quote:   hold onto it to apply towards the next meet.
  milezone, if you un-highlight the period after the link, then the link will work. i wonder how any of transcendent's amps would work with headphones, dynamics, 'stats, or orthos. is there some reason that isn't occurring to me that the 50 ohm load of a typical ortho would prove problematic?   also looking fwd to your report re the class d amp with your 'stats.
it's looking less likely that i'll be able to make it as family obligations will probably have to take precedence. have fun and take lotsa great pix so i can feel even worse about not being able to make it.  
amusing vid there, Whitney . i love the send up of these generally pointless and silly vids. it is a bit long tho. i look fwd to the director's 'cut' .
that, in expanded form, is what i was getting at in my post. thanks for clarifying that, Steve.
  choices, choices...
you might want to check out some of the modded Fostex cans, particularly Mr Speakers Mad Dogs, and for greater neutrality, LFF's Paradoxes.
  i probably should know this but i can't come up with it right now. what are 'ob/h' frames?
  and more often than not the reason the cable is chosen is dictated by cost, then marketing and styling, rather than engineering or audio considerations, i'd hazard to speculate.
    thanks for posting this nice little write-up, Roma. the comparisons with other cans, especially long time stds such as the hd25, and stratifying them as you do, gives useful info about their sound signatures, and where they stand relative to other similar devices. perhaps you can also comment on the sony mdr z1000, a can that was very popular not long ago but seems to have, in typical head-fi fashion, been forgotten about as other things appear on the scene.
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