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  oh my, is this really the best place for that?!?
  or maybe you could put them up for sale in the forum here and sell them much sooner...... that would also allow you to just focus on enjoying the show!
  Steve, what type of failures did you experience? i thought they se535s supposed to be pretty tough and that this edition solved the cables problems associated with earlier iterations.
sorry i couldn't join in the festivities, but family duties won out. it looks like a really nice gathering. really nice pix too (well you are a pro after all) - great job, Lee! nice to see a bunch of familiar faces and some unfamiliar ones too. what was the turn out like - about a dozen or so?        is that (bifrost) schiit really so hot?         that is NOT the head-fi way!            well apparently paul ryan would disagree..... 
  did you ever actually hear them?
are they overly bassy?
hopefully this isn't out of bounds of your fs thread, but how is this done, where, by whom?   and to anyone looking at this ad, this baby stax is a remarkable unit, one of the best value systems (as it's a phone and amp) with gorgeous and very smooth sound. it's one of the very few pieces that there's near universal agreement about it's wonderful sound. a few years back, when these were much more discussed and visible on head-fi, the sound was never trashed. some...
  could you elaborate / clarify your comment?
are the es10s akin to a bigger, bolder es7? i've a certain fondness for the es7 as, while it's a bit coarse and colored, it rocks! the esw9, while more refined than the 7, was also a bit too polite, and with it's colorations i never found it particularly satisfying. the esw10 seemed like a somewhat more polished esw9, but for that privilege they grossly overpriced it!. i get the feeling that if one was a fan of the es7, the es10 should have a bit more of everything that...
  so it should work with orthos, eh. what about stats via an adapter box such as an srd 6 or 7 or woo wee? and would it work to drive conventional dynamic phones? it might be very pretty driving the hd800 or t1.
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