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i'm surprised no one has yet mentioned david mahler, especially in light of his recent massive top tier cans rankings thread. and joker with his incredible running ratings of portable cans and iems!   while my collection may not have the focus, value, or depth of some of the gear heads already mentioned, my collection has north of 75 phones currently, and i've sold scores of others. i really do need to thin the herd.....   i think that would be Wertherdvx, rather than...
wow, i haven't checked in to this thread in quite a while. i'd love to post pix of my beautiful v3 zebra wood darths with champagne beyer leather pads but i don't seem able to get them in here :-(
you may be better off looking for a nice set of cd3000s, which could be had for roughly $500 or so. they're kind of like a set of baby r10s, with that sort of sound and feel to them, and if anything happened to them at ~8% of the cost of r10s it wouldn't be nearly such a bitter pill to swallow. my 2 cents on the leatherheads is that they're one of the most overpriced and overrated phones out there. the jvc dx1000 is less expensive and both a better phone as well as a...
very punny, wuwhere.  what the heck are these speakers?
i've owned both, although it's been a long time since i had those ultrasones. my recollection is that of the 4 ultrasones i owned i liked them the least/disliked them the most. iirc the treble was on the annoying side. my dennon d2ks are not stock. the original owner recabled them and i do not experience the sloppy bass that some have complained about with the stockers. they do roll off a bit at the frequency extremes, but i find them to be a very relaxing phone to...
  oh my, is this really the best place for that?!? http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/detection/PSA
  or maybe you could put them up for sale in the forum here and sell them much sooner...... that would also allow you to just focus on enjoying the show!
  Steve, what type of failures did you experience? i thought they se535s supposed to be pretty tough and that this edition solved the cables problems associated with earlier iterations.
sorry i couldn't join in the festivities, but family duties won out. it looks like a really nice gathering. really nice pix too (well you are a pro after all) - great job, Lee! nice to see a bunch of familiar faces and some unfamiliar ones too. what was the turn out like - about a dozen or so?        is that (bifrost) schiit really so hot?         that is NOT the head-fi way!            well apparently paul ryan would disagree..... 
  did you ever actually hear them?
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