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Hopefully I can join in the festivities. I'll notify some of the old guard and see if they too can make it.
 The auction is clearly Yikes domain! 
 The more the merrier. Please bring yours too.
I'm awaiting the arrival of the Berning Micro-zotl amp to bring to the meet. if anyone ccould supply a nice front end to go along with it, it would be helpful. I'll also likely be bringing a bunch of cds for sale, and possibly headphones too. If anyone is looking for anything in particular, please take a look at my profile and let me know what you are interested in. Btw, Steve Guttenberg just let me know that he'll be attending too.
I'll be attending with my old friend, MGbert, and hope to be bringing a cool amp along that folks will be interested in.
My impression is one of great disappointment that I won't be able to make it today. I think this is the first NY area meet I've missed in almost a decade. As well as enjoying the opportunity to listen to great gear, I most look forward to catching up with my Head-fi buddies. Have a great meet and a wonderful after-meet!
 me too...... 
happy bday Tom. i hope to join in the meet festivities.
i thought i'd signed up for this as i always have, but apparently not. anyway, count me in. look forward to seeing many friends, old and new, there.
are these the same phone in two different finishes?  how much are they?   when will they be available?
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