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 i'm not sure if your comment is good or bad 
Blue has been the most popular color lately. finishing some of those right now!  
Has anyone heard from Stax USA in the past 6 weeks? If so please contact me
Ali, Right now I am working on shipping the first BHSEs from batch 5. Next few weeks will be very busy as those get shipped, and then we will actually be caught up on BHSE orders, so the wait time will be just a couple weeks. I've been able to save up parts to make this the largest batch yet so the BHSE should still be available for this year with little wait :)  We've also been working on a new project. Much of the discussion recently on head-fi has been about a few very...
We've sent out brand new pairs to customers with problem sr-009 and then we deal with the repairs, sometimes at great cost to us. Also have used many srm-323s amps as complimentary loaners.
Our next shipment has arrived at our California location, so we will be shipping those today. 
Send me an email, if its not working with the dc adapter, it could be the adapter unless you've tried another with the right plug and polarity, or could be an internal fuse.
 We've shipped 60 pairs so far (last Saturday, Monday, Tuesday), which is all that we had received, and are waiting for the rest of our backorder. we still have about 20 to 25 that will need to be shipped when they arrive edit: we now have 5 more pairs that will ship today or tomorrow. The shipping notices for those will be sent out today.
How old is it and does it work when plugged into the dc adapter?
i test the amps at around 72F in winter and 74F in summer. unless your room temp -- with the amp running -- is greatly different, most of the time there is no need to make an adjustment, even when swapping tubes. If swapping tubes requires a very large adjustment then they are either not EL34 or may not be in spec which is possible with very old NOS
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