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  heatsinks for the next batch. these are being assembled onto the amps now
this is the GS-X mk2 thread
did you ask/pay for FedEx? it's not too late if you did
yes they are finished and shipping all this week
Yes, all existing and future orders (until I announce they are sold out) for both the GS-X mk2 and BHSE are being built using parts that are already in my inventory. I will send an email to each person about payment later. I do not sell the panels separately, but if i have extras when the amp is no longer in production then I could consider selling them
Meng, I replied to your post in the gsx thread
the only thing i could do is sell the amp with no volume control and an ugly hole on the front panel, which i wouldnt be willing to do. the DACT at max volume is the same as no volume control
all orders are in the current batch. there are no further batches planned
 once all of the current orders are shipped, the wait will be about 3 weeks. i'll have them 'in stock', but wont be doing immediate shipping
i'm still working on finishing the 230v and any international shipments. i hope to get some serious progress done on those this week. 
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