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of the ones shipped today, the earliest was Nov. 2013 and the latest was Jan. 2015
sorry, its going to be tomorrow. did not get them all packed today as expected, still have several left for tomorrow
they are done, going out tomorrow
i am working on the shipping labels right now
see above post
You could have the old quad of tubes tested to see if they are still performing at their original spec.
update -   there will be a large BHSE shipment next week of both 115v and 230v amps. after this, i will see what i have left and work down the list of deposits if there are extra amps   the next batch -   powder coated parts were picked up last week, and assembly is underway on the next batch. As of right now the next batch is 90% sold. however, anyone who has placed a deposit, plus the next few, will be receiving a BHSE from this batch
the 115v amps are shipping first, which will be next week, after that the 230v
are feet installed on the BHSE PSU? it's a good idea to let air flow through the bottom vents
i'm getting some BHSEs on the burn-in racks and then i will start testing and shipping the GS-X mk2
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