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Laser engraving a new batch of Pico Power boxes today  
not familiar with this but an 845 DHT e-stat amp would be a higher price bracket than a BHSE
yes. what color do you want?
there is still time. i wont be able to start shipping that final batch for at least a year. 
there are still a few available. final assembly has started on those and with the silver front panels i just received i can start shipping that color first. the rest should be here in a few weeks. for the prior batch, the last shipment of those is going out next week. they are finishing burn-in now.  and i have begun ordering the parts for the next-next batch -- since the batch being assembled now is nearly sold out, likely they will be all gone around the time i start...
it is about 4 weeks right now. i have not yet sold out the current batch so that is why. usually they sell out before i begin shipping, but this time i ordered a lot more. However once this batch is gone, i don't know what the future will be. Some of the parts for the amplifier modules were purchased in 2006 and are discontinued. Another company makes a replacement but the quantity available are still very small - only enough for me to build 1 GS-X mk2 per month.
The HE-1000 is now listed and available to order at www.headamp.com/order/index.htm
they are anodized and what you're seeing is no different than what i posted last year  
Looks good..
send me an email so i can help figure this out
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