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Blue will be a limited option on the next batch
All colors.
Front panels/knob for the next batch of GS-X mk2 are shipping from the machine shop on monday. after that they will still need to be polished/anodized.    Other than that, i just need to get the amp modules boards assembled. 
setting the BHSE volume to max is the same as if it had no volume control
 yes, that's why if there is a 5th batch in 2015, it would likely be a small one
 it might be. i could do 1 more after that (5th batch) but it would have to be smaller due to part supplies running out
 not including the current batch, there have been 66 BHSEs shipped. The first order was Oct. 2006, before the amp had been designed, the second was Oct. 2007, which was for the UK. The 3rd was by the OP of this thread.
 because i cant test all the amps at the same time (the burn-in testing is the last part needed), i of course will not be waiting until all the amps are tested before i start shipping. there will likely be 1 shipment per week. the first shipment will be next week, and the last will depend on how things go
 i'll add you to the end of the west coast list
Please PM the next person on the list for their address
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