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 if you go back as far as 2003-2005, people are selling HeadAmp products for more than they originally paid, maybe the only loss being inflation. I consider that a good thing as low used sale prices pretty much mark the end of a product
i will find out and post pics. Right now, i am trying to get a few parts orders squared away for the next batch so that while i'm testing, things are still happening. only way to get caught up. also, purple:
 i have unsold BHSEs in purple which is why i made it the demo unit. while the color is great, i have not have more than 1 or 2 requests for it
Getting approved as a MFi Developer is easy after paying Apple a $50 fee to run your credit. This grants access to some documents and purchasing of samples that one could have simply found online anyway. Getting a device approved and manufactured is another story. It would really have to be something that is going to sell in the millions of dollars to be worth consideration. Most headphone amps just aren't there yet, especially anything from a small company that is going...
first round of electrical testing of the amps was completed last week. this basically determined if the amp works or not. caught a few reversed wires or other similar mistakes. next the amps all go on the scope/distortion analyzer and are burned in for a week
just wanted to update everyone and mention that the current batch has been completely shipped, with the exception of 2 amps that are waiting for payment. i will hold those for a few more weeks and if not paid for i will contact the next people who are in line    assembly has started on the next batch which will be for all pending and future orders
Im also a Fostex dealer and there is no way i know of to acquire refurb th900s. It just means they were returned.
How does it look home made?
 i was surprised to see a Schiit box in the wild, and was able to identify it immediately. that is all :)
 if you stack the amp on top of the power supply, you will have more noise than if the amp was built in a larger box with the power supply to the side of the amp circuitry. but if you separate the two boxes, you will have the least amount of hum.
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