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I think he's talking about a possible unreleased flagship that would be a HE-6 replacement
The additional heat from the BHSE, compared to a solid state amp, is the tube heaters, which use 10 watts each
i have several items to go through (batteries, headphone jack fixes) as soon as I have a free weekend to do it. Yes my voice mail was full. I was receiving threatening voice mails. Don't believe me, if someone tells me an easy way to post it here from an iPhone i will. I had to stop answering the phone to get work done which you can see from this thread, has happened, but there is a wait for everything right now
i'll be shipping most of the 230V amps today
i have been communicating with them and its ready to ship
this is the first batch to use blue circuit boards. i did have a few green ones left. everything else is the same except the color but i do plan to set those aside. first i used all blue boards i had then the green ones. i think there's only 2 or 3 with the green board and 1 of them is the 2nd seafoam green amp that is unsold.
i had a note to ask how long you will be in HK. shipping is probably going to be slower than Taiwan
they're ready to ship just have to get the labels printed
  Purple BHSE from the San Francisco meet, represented by Peter James. photo by amb.
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