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The Mk2 included a HeadAmp designed update to the Kevin Gilmore circuit (on the amp modules) among other things   We don't operate like some other companies. The original GS-X was sold for about 6 years. It has been less than 4 for the GS-X mk2. There won't be any new version of such an amp for at least a few years
a bunch of BHSEs have shipped, and the rest Saturday and Monday. there will be 1 more shipment in batch 4 before we move right on to shipping from batch 5 (currently, we have black, silver, dark silver, and gray panels for batch 5, waiting on the blue/purple)
On the way out the door
the rest of BHSE batch 4 is going out next week! just have the packaging left to do. I'll be able to keep shipping BHSEs after this as I have received enough of the parts for batch 5 to do so
no, i should have everything. for example, i believe you asked for the "dark silver". the gray ones that came in too light. So, i have a tray of those panels, and now i figure out which already assembled amp that should go onto. Maybe it's purple. But maybe there's someone waiting for that purple so i can't do that. So maybe it's black. But maybe the black one has the wrong volume control.    Now i know why companies charge for options :) just going to take a little...
Update: We're at the very end now of shipping on BHSE batch #4. At this point, amps assembled mostly do not match the orders that remain, for a variety of reasons. So, a lot of switching around of panel colors and voltages to match the combination ordered (i think i had posted previously that there are 24 combinations). The last of batch #4 will be shipped over the next few weeks. There may still be some payment requests for an amp in batch #4, but that will have to wait...
i have a lot of BHSEs shipping out starting today over the next 2 weeks, yours included
 There are plenty of amps still being made with unregulated power supplies, so i could see benefit in regulating your AC line voltage
 I only have a little experience with that and i didn't find the noise floor to be low enough to call it a GS-1 or GS-X
Sounds like someone would want a limited edition GS-1 mk2 if i could get enough parts for it
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