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We discontinued the Alpha potentiometer option and now just have the DACT stepped attenuator. The price difference is for the red panel color. Almost all orders were with the DACT, so we decided to discontinue the pot option. We still have some of the pots, so by request we could still do that volume control for now.
We've been an authorized Stax dealer since 2012!!!!!!!
 dont forget this one! i tried to build it about 15 years ago and kept failing because the 0A2 were all ancient 
Most high-end solid state amps these days are going to be balanced. It does not cost that much more to make an amp balanced. There just isn't much market right now for unbalanced amps. So i wouldn't worry about it..the Focals are very sensitive and you won't need the additional power provided by the balanced outputs
 Thanks for your feedback. We did have the SR-007 out the entire time. This particular one has had the drivers replaced with the latest ones. So, they will sound similar to the latest SR-007 model. If you can come back tomorrow we will still have them!
Finishing up a few more BHSEs! 
 we're trying to figure out the issue right now. edit: it is fixed. It is valid on headphones (not STAX) and portable amplifiers and DAPs
Good till 12AM pacific/3AM eastern! HEADFI20
 i'm not sure if your comment is good or bad 
Blue has been the most popular color lately. finishing some of those right now!  
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