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 burning in right now. I've nearly reached the end of what was originally going to be batch 4. those should be entirely shipped in June
All paid for GS-X mk2 are being finished right now. If i sent you a payment request last night, please send payment in the next week to be included in this batch
i stopped doing that because it didnt really matter that muchand the number of emails from people about to jump off a building because they didnt notice the numbers before putting the tubes in
i would prefer to not sell panels until the GS-X mk2 reaches EOL and i have enough to spare
The Aristaeus is actually in stock right now. i have 1x 115V and 1x 230V available. It is RCA input only. The circuitry converts to balanced using tubes. Balanced inputs would be a different amplifier.
 The pics posted represent about the best i can do. Every part has a flaw if you look close enough- sorry. It is the nature of things. Tiny little exposed metal areas happen on the edge of parts because powder coating doesn't adhere well to a 90 degree corner. If i see a tiny spot like that I touch it up with an oil based paint pen. That's if the powder coater hasn't done it already. As for 'metal particles' i have a feeling i know what that might be. Sometimes there is...
yes, i have 115v and 230v. A GS-X mk2 ordered now will be ready to ship first week of June. 
 I have an inventory of assembled GS-X mk2 right now, they just need to be tested before shipping. But there is still a little wait (2-3 weeks) as i have large numbers of BHSEs i'm spending time testing and shipping.
that is gray to be honest the "dark silver/light gray" ones are so close to silver nobody would think it's anything else.
2 more racks of BHSEs shipping Mon-Wed of this week. Most of the ones I was talking about before went out last week, and I have 4 more here that I needed clarification of international shipping addresses/phone numbers -- those people have been emailed.
New Posts  All Forums: