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no, i should have everything. for example, i believe you asked for the "dark silver". the gray ones that came in too light. So, i have a tray of those panels, and now i figure out which already assembled amp that should go onto. Maybe it's purple. But maybe there's someone waiting for that purple so i can't do that. So maybe it's black. But maybe the black one has the wrong volume control.    Now i know why companies charge for options :) just going to take a little...
Update: We're at the very end now of shipping on BHSE batch #4. At this point, amps assembled mostly do not match the orders that remain, for a variety of reasons. So, a lot of switching around of panel colors and voltages to match the combination ordered (i think i had posted previously that there are 24 combinations). The last of batch #4 will be shipped over the next few weeks. There may still be some payment requests for an amp in batch #4, but that will have to wait...
i have a lot of BHSEs shipping out starting today over the next 2 weeks, yours included
 There are plenty of amps still being made with unregulated power supplies, so i could see benefit in regulating your AC line voltage
 I only have a little experience with that and i didn't find the noise floor to be low enough to call it a GS-1 or GS-X
Sounds like someone would want a limited edition GS-1 mk2 if i could get enough parts for it
 burning in right now. I've nearly reached the end of what was originally going to be batch 4. those should be entirely shipped in June
All paid for GS-X mk2 are being finished right now. If i sent you a payment request last night, please send payment in the next week to be included in this batch
i stopped doing that because it didnt really matter that muchand the number of emails from people about to jump off a building because they didnt notice the numbers before putting the tubes in
i would prefer to not sell panels until the GS-X mk2 reaches EOL and i have enough to spare
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