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a photo showing some of today's assembly progress on the power supplies for the next batch of BHSEs to go out         also, for future ideas, here is a laser engraving photo. The top part of the engraving shows what happens with 1 pass of the laser to powder coating. a "stealth" marking. The white marking requires 4 to 6 passes. Who might actually like the stealth marking for something in the future? note: this only works on powdercoating. a similar effect can be...
unlikely..the fleet is still en route to memphis. usually the tracking update will show the same time as the departure, so you'll know which plane
these have shipped, and next week i am working on shipping some GS-X mk2 amps. here is the latest BHSE update: - On the current batch, there's just a few (about 3) that have been paid for in full and not yet shipped. I will get those out next. - After that i will still have several BHSEs remaining that i can ship. I will be sending requests for payment to people whose orders match the color/specs of the amps that are available.- Assembly has been underway on the next...
packed and ready to go out, check emails for tracking #s as i print the labels
i see 2 orders shipping to France, does your first name start with J or K?
Shipping 15 bhse's this week, then the 230v gsx are next
I have 15 bhse's going out this week. Please hold any questions until these go out, which starts tomorrow.
of the ones shipped today, the earliest was Nov. 2013 and the latest was Jan. 2015
sorry, its going to be tomorrow. did not get them all packed today as expected, still have several left for tomorrow
they are done, going out tomorrow
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