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 I have less pull than someone who posts reviews on headfi...a lot less
I dont unless hifiman would like to send me something..
I will be attending the meet if HiFiMAN would like anything displayed
 I had professional photos taken of the GS-X mk2. Some of the photos are used in the review. Other photos in the review are of Frank's review sample which was an imperfect unit from the 1st batch last year.
avoid the post office, UPS, and 3rd party shipping stores
yes, i sent an email about this
Audeze only recently started including the adapter, so it would depend on when they packaged the headphone
it goes down to about -110dB. some digital volume controls only to about -63dB. with a typical pot on a portable amp you might not have balanced left/right channels until about -40dB
$3 per $100 is quite the deal for them when they probably only lose/damage less than 1 in 10,000 packages
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