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got 1/3 of the ones in this group packed today 2/3 tomorrow, 3/3 thursday...tracking #s to be emailed if you didnt already get it
I have a large number of BHSEs shipping this week, finishing the testing on them now. I will be back at the end of the week with an update.   - If you ordered before 2016, you are in batch 4 and a large number of those are shipping this week and I will be sending more payment requests after they are sent out - If you ordered in 2016, you're probably batch 5. i will send a mass email about colors soon. there is plenty of room for orders in batch 5. the goal is to ship...
Here's where Batch 5 is at right now   - I was at the powder coater about 2 weeks ago. They had all the parts taped for masking, which is the most labor intensive. They may have already coated them and they're ready for pickup. - All of the front panels/knobs are here, which get polished and then anodized a color. I'm sending them out one color at a time, and waiting to receive silver back in the next couple weeks. - Wire assembly on the power umbilical cables and the...
i started out with a couple shipments of 115v amps first, and now i'm doing both 115v/230v, so if you are waiting for a 230v bhse those have started to go out.   and don't worry, unless you placed an order in 2016, you are in this batch that is shipping now even if i havent requested the final payment yet If you did place an order in 2016, then it's yet to be determined if you are in this batch or not (January having a far better shot than March)
theres 12 bhses going out this week, doing the shipping labels now. another group is starting burn in to go out next week
the last shipment for this batch should be in March   currently getting up to 30" of snow. in an area where everything shuts down for 2". hopefully everything is back to normal by Monday
Time to put these in the shipping boxes and then on to the next  
 most likely it is the AC input fuses, often they just need to be replaced. On the current batch, I found that the AC input fuse is blowing about 1 out of every 180 power ups. Which could be remedied by going to the next higher current rating The only time I have ever seen the power supply LED not come on with working AC input fuses is in arnaud's case where something happened to the AC input block
 If i can get enough parts, I will continue to build a BH but it will not be the BHSE. The two box design is too time consuming and I need to speed things along (so if you want that, the next batch will be the last)
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