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The polished/anodized panels/knobs for the next batch of GS-X mk2 arrived today. This means i now have everything to complete assembly of this batch with the exception of the amp modules which can go in last.    oh no, it's not going to take a year :(
not happy, relieved...and then do it all over again in a few months. this time, i hope, no new issues :)
i think there was for the last batch. i am emailing everyone a week in advance, when the amp goes on the burn-in rack, to confirm shipping. i did mention 115v and 230v amps, i think you have the only 100v unit. going in order of the date orders would received it will be on the next set to burn-in so expect an email in a week
only 1 of the ones from the 2nd shipment has been delivered so far, so 9 recipients. but not sure how many of them are active here if any
updates on the BHSE   Batch #3 - 2 shipments have gone out so far, with a 3rd early next week. there will be 1 shipment per week until they are all gone. so far these have been all 115V units, but i will start doing 230V after the next one   Batch #4 - if you haven't already received a notification from me about completion of your BHSE/the testing phase, and you ordered this year, then you're most likely in batch #4 - batch #4 is currently about 60% sold - this...
it was reduced to 8 per shipment due to electrical panel problems. i will send an email before shipping
 I still offer the Aristaeus for those interested in the HE90, or for a warmer sounding tube amp
Finished testing a group, fedex picking up tomorrow
 i wish. so it looks like the electricity cost of running a BHSE non-stop for 7 days is $2
just loaded a new set of BHSEs onto the burn-in rack. the ones that just came off have been tested and will ship as soon as i can tighten the screws and pack them
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