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I would go for the sennheisers. I have both, and while I'm a fan of the koss sound, I like the px100-II for their added comfort and stronger bass which comes in handy for rock. You can't go wrong either way. I prefer the portapro drivers on the ksc75 clip-ons as the separation created by the clip-ons make them sound a bit better.
Check out Jokers review of earphones (IEMs) and look at his summary chart at the bottom to see where he ranks them. Look for one that offers the best sound/comfort/price ratio.
Check out Jokers comparison of earphones (IEMS) and look at the summary chart to find which ones within your budget you feel might suit you.   His guide is pretty spot on when it comes to getting the most for your money.
The best tips for the X10 are the sony hybrids. They work great, and provide better comfort than the stock tips, which are pretty good too.   Comply tips don't last very long without getting dirty, but a very comfy option.
I have yuin pk1, blox tm7, sunrise as-charms, pk3s, mx580s, mx760s.   Frankly TM7 is the best of the best when it comes to sound, but its slightly larger than the yuin buds which makes it not as comfortable. If you owned the m2cs then its the same housing as TM7. I highly recommend blox, and i believe the m2cs are available now on their site, but I have not heard them to compare them to others. Although, they have been getting great praise from people here at...
Try looking at some videos on youtube to replace the headphone jack, most likely thats the problem.   If you don't want to risk it, you should search for a shop that repairs headphones around your area, try using yellow pages online.   Also, it shouldnt really cost $60 to ship it using USPS? Did you try getting a rate from them?
Great to hear there is progress on this issue, I recently have got my galaxy nexus and I love it. Lets hope it can be done, DAC support would be pretty amazing. Good luck :)
I just got my X10s, and I must say I think they are amazing, for what they do. I own the PFEs, sleek audio sa6, kilpsch s4.   Overall, the X10s sound signature is nice and warm & a good amount of bass. The X10s cannot compare to the PFEs or SA6s in terms of clarity, they can't handle the highs all that great either, however they are soooooo comfortable that I'm alright with the trade-off.   The S4 had way too much bass, these things were too much and super...
I received the 9waves from mike not too long ago. I must say these are very special earbuds, Soundstage and instrument accuracy is very well placed, the bass is nice and tight, but nowhere near as deep as the as-charm. These are very good at putting the music in your face and making sure you can hear the songs with great detail. Comparing these to the as-charm, ok3, mx760...these by far have the best detail. The mx760 has good detail, but they sound a bit veiled. When...
Agreed that the MSRP is $250, although most retailers will sell them for $200 even since around the launch time. I've even seem the price of it dip on amazon to about $140 dollars about a year ago. I doubt anyone would try to LEGO the parts up because they still need treble tips/bass ports as well as actual ear-tips and a cable in order to use the headphones. Business isn't a head-fier's best friend apparently.
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