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Works for me right now.
I'm in the St. Louis area and would be interested. I can bring a Fiio E-12, Grado SR-125s and HifiMan HE-500s.
If you want digital out of an iPod Classic, you'll need something like the Pure i-20 dock. It does take pure digital stream out through the dock. I've been considering one, but I'm already running digital files (ALAC) from a network attached server through an Airport Express and into a NAD D1050 DAC/headphone amp. I'm not sure the Pure i-20 will be worth the ~$100 investment to essentially replicate a capability I already have. The iPod line out dock connector (Fiio L9...
I also have the E12. Even driving a pair of HE-500 planar magnetics, I still leave the gain switch in the 0 db position. At about 3/4 full rotation on the volume knob, it's plenty loud enough for me. Sliding the gain switch to the 6 db position unleashes the full capability of the E12. With my Grado SR-125i cans, it's more than my ears can take. I haven't detected any limiting or distortion in the 0 db position with the HiFiMAN phones.
Thanks. If I'm in my listening room and listening to digital, they get driven by an NAD D1050 DAC/headphone amp that receives ALAC format files streamed from a network attached server. When I'm listening to vinyl, I just plug them in to my Marantz 2270.
I also have the Fiio E12 and am a happy camper. It's "married up" to a 160 Gb iPod Classic which has my ALAC format music stored on it. I just run the line out from the iPod which still uses the internal DAC, but bypasses the internal amp. The E12 is driving a pair of HiFiMAN HE-500s without breathing hard. It's a great (reasonably) portable set up. I frankly doubt I could hear the difference between the iPod DAC and an external one. 
My spare car finally sold and within 30 minutes of having cash in hand, I went online and ordered a pair of HiFiMAN HE-500s. What a great set of headphones! They're still in the break-in phase, but I doubt I'll be wearing the Grado SR-125is anytime soon. Thanks for the reviews.
I just picked up a Fiio Mont Blanc and iPod Classic to play my Apple Lossless files in places other than my listening room. I currently use a pair of Grado SR-125s (and Bose QC-15s occasionally). I'm considering an upgrade with a budget of about $500. The two phones I've been looking at are the HiFiMan HE-500 and the Sennheiser HD-650. Unfortunately, there are no local dealers for either in St. Louis where I can try them out. Thoughts & recommendations?   Bruce F. in...
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