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I haven't updated this listing in a long time, the headphones are still available, still packed, still unused. I would however consider at this point a trade with a Naim V1.   Also available a pair of Signature Pro with fair usage but in very good condition, original package etc, purchased from Audio Affair (invoice etc) also registered for the extended warranty. Probably about a year old - not sure, I have to check. Looking at 550£ plus fees. Located in London. 
You have the email address so not sure what you are not sure about. Drop them a nice email, tell them how much you love their headphones and don't forget to mention that you have a new one you would like to register . Then Julia will send you a form to fill  in with the serial number, date of purchase, source etc. Job done!
The Phonitor is now sold. It will be missed. Thanks everyone for your interest. 
  Remember Ultrasone headphones are a highly subjective business because of the S-logic wizardry. The size and location of the openings in the metal plate are different from headphone to headphone so different models will work differently for different ear shapes. 
B-stock, silver fascia purchased from DV247.com (Digital Village) in March 2010 and hardly used at all since. In 2012 I contacted SPL to have it upgraded to the black version, work carried out in August by Hand in Hand Distribution, the official distributor of SPL products in UK. The distributor also returned the silver kit (knobs, fascia etc, costing 129£) together with the Phonitor so the buyer will have the option to use either (although I expect it to take some...
For sale my Edition 8 Limited Edition purchased on a whim in April 2011 from Audio Affair and kept in its box since, maybe used for ten hours altogether. It is in brand new condition, the box is in brand new condition, all the content of the package is in brand new condition. It is registered with Ultrasone for the extended 7 years warranty (so coverage until April 2018).   In no hurry to sell it, in fact not sure I want to sell it at all so no low ballers please....
Now sold on eBay. Thanks for your interest!
I've had two Signature's Pro. The first was sent back after a week. It had more or less the same sound signature but the second unit is more of everything, more refined, more detailed, more involving. I would speculate, or just notice that the first had a stiffer, thicker, greyish leather while this one has softer, thinner, blackish pads and headband (the headband is so soft that is now wrinkled while the other one was more solid, cardboard like). Please keep in mind...
With Ultrasone an amp is not needed at all. A Sansa Clip will drive them as well (almost) as a Phonitor. Get the best source you can afford, preferably detailed, honest, linear.   
You sound a bit harsh and offensive, like your headphones. Maybe you should calm down first, take a deep breath, relax. Now let's take your statements one by one.    I have had many laptops in my miserable life. Talking about Vaio's, I will mention the three most recent: a FW31 made in China, a P21 and the top of the line business Z twenty something, carbon fibre, both made in Japan. The Z was a lovely machine, one of the best screens at the time, but a crap, tiny,...
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