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OK, I have some memory foam on the way now.
Perhaps it's a case of combining careful scissor work with an electric carving knife.
Memory foam seems like a great idea - what's the best way to cut it accurately?
If you look on the front of the baffle you can see that tiny little hole and you can trace it's position to the back from the front. Also you need to make sure the vent in the back of the cup isn't covered. You should be able to get decent bass.
There are Russian 6H23P (Which I have, but not burned in enough to comment, other than to say it's not bad at least), and I believe there are some other similar Russian tubes that are reputedly good.
Before you go into complex mods just test earfanatic's principle. try loosely placing a piece of foam, or even a rolled up length of bubble wrap aove your head. It might be all that's needed. I'm using something like this on a pair of modded and heavy (much more than 840s) Fostex T50RPs, they're now more comfortable on the head than my HD580s.
Quote: Originally Posted by mugdecoffee I got a pair of T50RPv2's a few days ago and have been thoroughly enjoying them in the library. They are my only closed phones and they isolate very well which is great for studying. When they were stock I thought they sounded terrible: no highs, distant sound, everything just seemed blurry. So far I've stuck a pretty thick piece of papery felt type material I found in our basement on the back of the driver which...
Quote: Originally Posted by scompton This really applies to most orthos I've heard. Yamahas aren't quite as bad as the Fostex stock. This includes the HE-5 I heard in a meet last month, at least to my ears. The YH-1000 I heard at the meet was unmodded and sounded pretty good. I've not heard HE-5s but that makes some sense. As you say there aren't too many orthos that sound good stock. I think one of Kabeer's YH-1000s were stock and were...
Quote: Originally Posted by morphon I'm looking for some comparison between these: 1. Stock 2. Basic mods 3. Supermods (there's a thread for the Thunderpants, but no reviews in it yet.) Hi Morphon, I'm somewhere along the journey with my T50RPs, but have heard some Thunderpants. I'm a HD580 owner - essentially the same as the HD600, both are amped adequately in terms of power at least. The basic advantages and otherwise are quite...
Quote: Originally Posted by sachu You should go with dBel84's idea of using Micarta..used in missile shell casings Seems like there are people making micarta with resin and blue denim. Looks very cool, but I think I'll stick with learning to turn wood first...!
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