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I agree that glasses can be a problem both with comfort and on headphones that require a good seal they're a SQ killer. I go the pineapples route and put the arms of the glasses over the phones instead of ears. 
I was going to say make sure the sound enhancer is off if you want a more natural, unprocessed sound. Whether on or off, it's worth playing with the sound enhancer to see which you prefer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Suntory_Times I think the best way to describe the HD580/600 is it may not sound all that fnacy at first, but it does very little wrong, which makes it a terrific headphone. It is. Really good for stress free late night listening.
1. Fostex T50RP - modded 2. Fostex T20v2 - modded 3. HD580 (nice general character, nothing outstanding, but good balance) 4. RE0 5. Quart Phone 85 (excellent in some areas) 6. DT990 - 600ohm '80's model (excellent in other areas - about equal rating to the QP85s) 7. Technics EAH 810 - modded, needs more work, could climb. 8. Portapros 9. HD424 11. AKG K140
Oooooh, that looks interesting! This I will watch with great interest.
Quote: Originally Posted by runswithaliens Thanks for the information earlier about the T50RPs. Is there a ball-park price on these new LCD-2's yet? If they are in the three to four hundred dollar range I might just spring for a set, otherwise maybe I will just get a second pair of T50RPs and have at them with mods and/or the new Beyer portables... Excuse me going off topic, but if you want to get serious with T50RPs then this post is an...
Quote: Originally Posted by gurubhai I hated those ebay pads on my T20v2. They make the mids sound un-ortho like & kill the bass. Initially they did that for me too because they didn't provide an adequate seal, but the placement of thin foam from the front of dt990s did the trick until they wore in and there after were not needed. That said my T20v2s are a bit over damped in relation to the typical procedure, and perhaps this has some baring.
There are some inexpensive 100mm ear pads on e-Bay, from Hong Kong, which are fairly close to the stock T20v2 pads. The ID is a bit bigger. Initially I needed to put some foam from the front of some DT990s under them which slightly raised them and made a better seal, but once worn in that's not needed. They trade a little less low end for a little more soundstage. They don't flake like the originals.
A_A, I'll make some photos of the G2 for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by runswithaliens I hope one of the reviewers of these new planar headphones will be able to compare them to the most recent Fostex T50RP. The Fostex headphones have really sold me on the clarity and detail offered by planar technology (if that is the correct terminology) so I find myself wondering if it will be worth the big bucks for the HifiMan over the Fostex? Likewise with the Audeze offering. (I also posted this in that...
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