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There were Cyrus' in the US, they seem to go for a fair bit more than they do in the UK though - I've seen a Cyrus1 for $250ish. In the UK the Cyrus 1s are really cheap and there's a fairly constant stream of them on eBay, they seem to go for as little as £60 up to about £100, Cyrus 2s go for a bit more, the sought after ones are the Cyrus 2s with external PSUs which go for upwards (sometimes way upwards) of about £120, PSUs on their own can go for over £100, and...
W-11 pads? Interesting. About a third of the price of O2 pads too...
What I really like about the cable is that when you get it over your ear it holds its position really well. Microphonics are not too bad for me. Not bad at all. The cable needs rolling up for storage because it is prone to tangle, perhaps more than typical.
The 'larger model' is presumably the HE-6 anounced here:
I've just bought some headphones from Faust2D / Dmitriy and it's been an easy and happy transaction in every way. I'm really happy to recommend him as someone to buy from or sell to.
Mass damping the existing cups and baffles reduces resonances from the cheap plastic from which they're made, there is less nasty plasticky resonant distortion, although no doubt the TP wood and UHMWPE cups and baffles take this a big step further.
O2 pads improve the T50RPs both in sound and comfort. Mass damping the cups and baffles helps the sound and does increase weight but a good strap arrangement like Smeggy uses on his "Thunderpants", or a piece of memory foam, will make them more comfortable than stock. Driver damping adds no discernible weight and can be done to your taste.
Nankai's getting really serious with the proposition of an HE-6. I can sort of imagine saving up for a HE-5LE or an LCD-2 but $1300 - $1600 is a bit beyond my purely imaginary hypothetical budget... I really hope it kicks ass though.   And Kabeer, are the YH-5Ms heading your way? I love the look of them. They look like sci-fi manga technology.
I too have been listening to my M2s for a few days, with some white noise overnight too.   I thought that there was a small discernible effect from burn-in but only really discernible to the low end of complex orchestral music, which became a bit clearer. You would never hear it with most music.   I think ClieOS has it about right.   What I'll add is that the balance of these IEMs is not oriented to acoustic music. Whilst it will do a really pretty job of...
I seem to be in headphone rotation mode... On the ortho front, if anyone would like my Technics EAH-810 PM me, they have basic damping, but could certainly use some fine tuning, and the stock pads are now filled with memory foam, so they're in better shape than when I got them, but I'd be happy to let them go for what I got them for.
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