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I just got a pair of these. With standard ear pads the mids are muddy and horrible, but I tried the pads from my DT990 pros and they were much better, much clearer, too early to give any meaningful impressions (and I've not had a lot of time with better kit than my DT990s), but they sound nice. Has anyone else tried these cans with Beyer pads? I want to get some for them but I wonder whether 770 or 990 pads would be better?
I just got my MB Quart QP 805 HS, and they're 100ohms (says so on the side), I expected 300ohms, so there are/were obviously different drivers being used...
I just got unused HD424x (from 1979), and a new set of pads, they sound really quite nice, very listenable, see what happens with more burn in (they opened up a lot within the first few hours)...
The seller said they're from 1979, which seems right, 30 years old. The 'user guide' I have is somewhat similar to the one in the PDF - interesting, thanks.
I got delivery of some old sennheiser HD424x from ebay this morning, they seem not to have been used, boxed, with a cable tie on the cable, user guide, an unused guarantee card and a piece of paper instructing on how to clean the pads. The pads had clearly crumbled and been disposed of, some new ones are on their way. They're 2000ohms so obviously I couldn't meaningfully plug them into my ipod or portable amp, so I went and dug out the only amp I have with a headphone...
I just got my portable cmoy - the smaller model than in the OP. Wow, straight out of the box I'm really impressed. It really is a lot better than the quite standard cmoy that it's replacing, and with the same opamp. The old one was nice enough but comparatively veiled, warmer, imparting less information, a little less width and precision of soundstage (not much but noticeable). The new one really suits my DT990 pros much more, and the quality gap between them and my modded...
I have 990 pros (which I like - surprisingly balanced), whilst the back have open grilles all but a small circle (an inch or so) in the middle is behind very thick heavy padding which effectively makes them semi closed. I cannot report that the pro that I have has an exaggerated treble or bass, both extend well but are not emphasised at the expense of mids.
Thanks SpudHarris, I'll get a few likely opamp candidates at some time and play with them. It was a comment that you made about the quality of the neco amp that prompted me to go for it. Regarding typical cmoys: apart from anything it's irritating buying new batteries all the time, and the extra cost over some other candidates will be made up in the end in battery costs alone. Of course I'm hoping it will sound significantly better too.
I ordered the smaller cmoy from him yesterday evening after my old cmoy started giving up on me. I hope it'll be a good'n. SpudHarris, could you describe the pros and cons of the options for opamps for this amp, for instance I think I've read that opa627 can reduce the volume on less powerful amps (?), but even if this were the case what's the upside in SQ?
Did your mystery phones sound nice?
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