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Thanks to those who have added to this thread, I've got some B3 Pro-1s today. It took a little time to get a good seal fitted shallow with some wide-nozzled tips, but I've found some that work for me. They play very nicely indeed with my ibasso DX90. Listening now to Cheskey's binaural album, and it's fantastic with this setup, the bass of the organ in Mozart's Ave Verum is in no way missing. Look forward to hearing how they change with some hours on them.
I'm afraid that isolation is generally poor on these, so although complys help a little, it's still far from excellent.
Yes, I do, absolutely. They're really excellent for this kind of music, with the proviso that there's a slight peak in the treble with the supplied tips, but which is flattened out pretty perfectly with complies or equivalent. I think I would have found that slight peakiness a problem if I hadn't found the solution. So if you get them it's worth considering that you'll need to change tips to get the best out of them.
so far so good for the connectors on mine.
I'm really happy with my TE-05s with my iBasso DX90. They did have a bit of a raise in the treble, but with some blue x-trillion branded comply copies I got in a street market in HK the treble is flattened and the bass very subtly improved, still essentially a flat response as tested with some frequency sweeps. There's more of an airy presentation with the comply copies too, I think helped by the shallow insertion that gives a good seal with these tips. I'd been using...
$13 - that's outrageously cheap. I still much prefer these to my RE-0, they're more balanced in their presentation and more comfortable. There is sibilance on an ipod at full volume, but never at lower volumes and not when they're amped adequately, if you're happy (as I am) to accept this limit to their use, they'll reward, and would do so at a much higher price then they originally were, let alone at $13. I fear that the cheaper they get though, the more they're likely...
The new Beta is really not like the M2.
I'd be comfortable in a coffee shop with the betas, from an isolation point of view, but some might not. You will still have a sense of the ambience of the coffeeshop under the music while the music's quiet. Haven't tried your other contenders, although I'd be pleasantly amazed if they matched up to the betas for general use, and particularly classical.
M2 are a fun earphone which do one thing well - they take you to the dizzying aural intensity of a club, with a big, fun, impactful bass, they place you right in the middle of the sound. For electronic music, contemporary r&b, hip hop, these are fantastic. The bass bloats over the mids, they are quite coloured, headstage isn't great, so for anything sounding remotely like a live performance they're not the best choice. I much prefer Beta v2 to M2 because being quite...
    OK, for my take on these…   I've had them for about a month, and stopped thinking about how many hours I'd logged after about a hundred. They've changed a lot during burn in, most obviously in the first twenty hours or so. I've used them on the go straight from an ipod, from the output of a macbook pro, and through a reasonable dac and amp (v-dac and the headphone out of a 90's Yamaha A-520 - better than you might imagine I expect).    My main listening...
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