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A good review Mark. I just posted my review of these unusual and rather marvellous earphones:
Comply take out the mild 5k spike for me.
I've just added my review too:
Early days for me in terms of any possible long term burn in effect. But for what it's worth, whilst subjectively the bass sounds a little full in comparison to other headphones I'd consider neutral, if I use this, the bass measures fairly flat compared to those others which measure as mildly rolled off.
I've just got a review pair delivered. First impressions are good - a big change in sound for the better (from my point of view) with the complies. Nice design.
I decided to try them with complies and I'm glad that I did. Whilst the seal felt good with the tips I'd been using, the treble and to some extent bass too had been a bit attenuated. I'm getting the full deal now, and the sound stage and placement has gone up a couple of notches. Goes to emphasise the point made many times over about finding the right tips...
They're like mini earspeakers it seems. I guess the nearest thing in size that does something similar and didn't totally suck were the Sony PFR-V1.
Glad you're enjoying them more. I didn't spend too long with the supplied tips. They are tip sensitive, and some people prefer double flange tips, they're still just a little bit treble hot for me with them, but everyone's ears and sensibilities are different so it's worth playing around with some tips to see if you can get a sound you enjoy even more. 
It was my impression that they did settle down with some hours on them. Perhaps more pointedly in my experience they really benefit from comply tips, which bring the treble to a really nice spot.
I listened to some frequency sweeps as soon as I found tips which seal properly, and found that the treble sounds distinctly quieter above about 4500Hz, with a little spike at 6kHz which doesn't seem to go louder than the level below 4.5kHz. But below 4.5K it sounds very flat to me all the way down.   The difference between then and 15 hours of burn in, is that there were also some little jitters of volume through the higher end of the sweep initially which seem to have...
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