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The general consensus seems to be that the P7s are the better can in terms of comfort and Sq. However, if the Momentum were to be $200 vs $400 would you still go that route?
Holy!?!?!?! How'd you manage that price? That's amazing.
 I'm curious as to what price would be deemed quite fair for the HD700. Can I ask what amp you're using with this?
Anyone try the Vali with the HD700? I've searched a bit but haven't found much info. I was thinking the Vali's warmth could help balance out the HD700? Although someone said it wouldn't pair well with the 598 so since the 700s have a similar sound, I'm wondering if that wouldn't work either?   Or is the Magni a better option (just thought that may spike the treble even more?).   I could go Valhalla if I have to but if there's not a real reason to, I'd prefer to try the...
Thanks. I have no problem springing for the HD650 at a later point. Although I'm now trying to investigate a portable full sized closed can under $400 that would perhaps provide a different signature. That may suffice for now in place of the 650.
Thanks for that input. If I can ask, if you had the choice would you prefer to have both the HD598 and HD650 for diff signatures or just the HD700?
Can I please ask if you would recommend the HD700 after coming from an HD598 and enjoying the soundstage and clarity aspects of those cans?   FYI, I'm also looking at the HD650 and Beyer T90. (wasn't a fan of the comfort of the HiFiMan unfortunately)   For more info about my prefs, what I'm looking for (if this helps), here's a post I put...
Thanks for clarifying that. I really wish/hope I can test the T90 first, but there are some available now for around $400. Is it worth grabbing them at that price or is that price fairly normal/stable? (I'll be in the U.S. in June so I can't test until then unless I buy blind)
Hmm. This is a tough one. I listen to lots of classical and jazz at home, but also lots of vocals and rock (NIN, Radiohead, The National, Air, etc). I may be a noob, but wouldn't something with clarity and speed be good for jazz, classical and instrumental?
Thanks, I appreciate your input. Not sure if this helps, but when I really enjoyed the HD800 (obviously :) ) and the HD700 in terms of clarity and soundstage. Perhaps I'm too accustomed to the HD598 that I have. I would, however, prefer a more full and developed sound (perhaps more in the low end but with a similar or more clarity on the high as long as they're not shrill). I found the HE-400s to be shrill if that helps. On that front, I have two options I suppose: -  Keep...
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