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I think there are some good options out there.  I'm personally thrilled with the pico slim/twag micro lod and either an ipod classic or nano and my jh13s.  Prior to getting it, I was going ampless when out and about because I didn't want to be bothered with the extra bulk of an amp.  I love the volume control and overall sq performance, and I don't feel like I'm carrying anything extra around.  It's that small.  I also like the ttvj slim.  If you happen to be using an...
How 'bout we get this thread on topic?
You might have to replace the pads at some point, but that's easy to do and not expensive.
It does not.
I was hoping for a Sharks win, but Chicago earned this one.  
I picked it up this afternoon, and am liking it quite a bit.
I didn't know you complained about the PK1s as well.  I was referring to your Grado thread.  Now that I have the slim, I wish I hadn't sold my PK1s.  Wonderful little earbuds.  I'd like to hear them with the slim.
  swbf2cheater, I remember there was a whole thread devoted to answering your complaints about pricing last time you started up.  I suggest you revisit it rather than launching more whining, since the answers in that thread (your grado thread) apply even more to a one-man business, as headamp is.  I've been enjoying the pico slim for a few weeks now, and it's definitely worth it's price.
I bought ten last night 
  Which is why I'm cheering for the Sharks now.  Since they knocked out my team, I'm hoping they take it all the way.  Though....I admit I wouldn't mind it one bit if the Habs took the cup.  They've been playing great, and Halak certainly deserves to be in the cup finals.  Guess we'll see.
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