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I'm going to make the outrageous suggestion that this thread stay on topic.
  Sonic, though I appreciate your enthusiasm, since you've not even heard the JH-3A, I'm going to ask that you stop posting these definitive fanboy statements in every thread you can find.  It diminishes the value of the posts done by people who have heard it, and it degrades the quality of this whole forum.     There were some of us who were lucky enough to spend a few minutes (yes, only a few minutes) with JH3A/16s at CanJam, and a handful of us, most with at least few...
Everyone has a right to their opinion, but opinions do not need to be shared rudely.  If there is any more name calling in this thread, it will be locked and moved until it can be cleaned up, if it can, and members who can't post respectfully will lose the right to post for awhile, if not permanently.  In other words, knock it off.
Congrats to the Blackhawks, though I would have loved to see Philly win.
  I had an amazing time, so amazing that I didn't end up listening to much gear at all.  I'm really sad I didn't get to the Head-Direct table, as the HE6 was one headphone I really wanted to hear and didn't.  I was also curious to hear the Sonnet amp, which I didn't.   I'm tired so won't post much, but one of the standouts for me at this meet was the TTVJs Pinnacle amp paired with the HD800s.  I wish the 307A amp would have been there for comparison as that...
Loved it.  Bought it.  Will post more later when I get back from Chicago.
changed the title for you.
You'd need a more powerful amp than the bithead to properly drive the K701s unless you like thin bass.
I don't really care about many actors. I just don't pay attention.  I was a fan of Dennis Hopper.  RIP.
I'll be wearing a Flyers jersey at CanJam.
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