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Why don't you send them your money then tell us.  Buy some iems for a deal off ebay to go with it.
I've heard both, and both are quite remarkable.  I already purchased the JH3A/16, and the only reason I haven't yet purchased the LCD2 is that I don't really need any more full-size headphones, though that really hasn't stopped me before for long.  
You'll love it, Jim, as I'm sure you're already aware.     One thing nice about attending a lot of meets, including this recent CanJam, is that I've confirmed to myself repeatedly now that my BHSE and SR-007BL is my favorite rig (still considering source changes) even after hearing a lot of wonderful set-ups, many of which I'd be pleased as punch to own.    
Both were at CanJam.
  I think that's excellent.  Maybe you can stop posting about the JH3A/16 in the meantime.  
Well, sometimes they do descend.   If you look at very first impressions of the folks at CanJam last year, and shortly thereafter, re jH13s (many of the same people who are posting now about the 3A/16), they were pretty much all omg raves, leading to a lot of healthy speculation about hype.  I was one of those doing a bit of "angels descend" posting, however hesitantly, but one year later, I still stand by those posts, and I know of others that will stand by theirs.   I...
      Outside of the JHA people, I don't think anyone has heard the the JH3A/16 extensively, let alone compared it to the HD800s.  The 3A/16 debuted at CanJam, and people were lined up from the start.  I'm extremely doubtful that anyone had the opportunity to listen to more than a song or two at most before giving someone else a chance.  I was able to listen for about five minutes on Saturday and about the same on Sunday.  I'm certainly not willing to answer questions...
This is true.  I just stared at it in disbelief for a second then figured I better jump up and claim it before they called another number.  What's amazingly cool is that first thing in the morning, I'd already put my credit card down for the JH3A/16 package, and the very nice people from JHA subtracted the value of the JH16, after I won it, from that price.  I feel like a double winner, and am very excited to be getting it when it arrives.   BTW, I'm almost 50, and this...
I hope so 
Leighton was not awful.  He basically saved the whole first period.  That last goal was horrible, but if you look at the playoffs as a whole, Leighton had the best numbers of the playoffs going in to that last game, and he may not be a Halak or a Miller, but neither of them made it to the finals, and he certainly had a lot to do with how far the Flyers come.  No one expected them to make it to the cup finals.  Why would you say Leighton was awful?  This was Stanley Cup...
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