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Ooops.  Apologies.  I misread this somehow to be about the HD800s when it was the 880s.  Sorry.  The T1 tromps the 880s.
I owned the HD800s and have a lot of respect for them, but sold them due to preferring my R10s and O2s at the time.  I'd been very curious about the T1, and although a meet setting is less than ideal, I was able to listen to them on numerous rigs at CanJam, and was able to spend about an hour after hours with them on Pete Millet's Pinnacle and Apex amps and Todd's Meridian source along with the HD800.  Although I think the T1s are very good closed headphones, the HD800s...
I have just wasted way too much of my evening cleaning up this thread.  If you want to post off topic, go to the members' lounge.  On a more serious front, many of the posts deleted contained language that is 100% against head-fi rules, and all of you have been around long enough to know better.  If you want to act like immature idiots, go elsewhere.  If any one of you who has had a post deleted in this thread cannot be respectful enough to think before pressing...
Intelligent, raw, and heartbreakingly gorgeous at times.  A must-have indeed.  
I listen to music when I feel like it, and stop listening when I don't.  That's the only burn-in method I've ever used.  So far, it's all good.
Same.  I'm a huge Nick Cave fan, with No More Shall We Part, Let Love In, The Boatman's Call, and Your Funeral My Trial, getting regular play over the years.  I recently picked up Grinderman (love it) and a couple soundtrack CDs done with Warren Ellis, which then got me into The Dirty Three, etc.  All great listening, imo.
    It might not be your ears.  Audio gear needs to be at certain level to actually reveal the differences.  Also, training your listening critical skills (yes, these are learned skills) takes time and an active kind of intention/attention most people don't know how to do.   Congrats on your new rig.  The SR60 was one of my first headphones.  I call it the gateway drug    
Actually, there are some iem rigs that have better sound quality than the majority of full-size headphones available and rival multi-thousand dollar rigs for a fraction of the cost.  From personal experience, both an amped JH13s and the prototype JH3A/16 out perform all full-size rigs I've heard in their price range and best many far above it.  That, however, is not in the op's interest at this time.   OP, I would definitely not get SR-60s for skating, though I do think...
The Second Annual CanJam was in San Jose, a very successful meet headed up by Voltron.  
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