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Laser pointers and any cardboard box, no matter what size.  Hours of kitty fun.
The big news today is Halak's trade to the Blues for Eller and Schultz.   That's a bit of a surprise.  Oh.....and something something about Devil's coaching,....MacClean something about headcoach....but no body cares about the blah etc. 
Anything above the cost of parts is profit. 
I encourage members to report anyone selling for DIY for profit (anything other than parts and shipping), be it in the FS forum or through PM.   I also encourage members to report folks selling their amps, cables etc. on ebay site, and using head-fi's resources to direct members to direct them there.  Those members are MoTs, and need to follow MoT rules here.     I have no problem with folks choosing to sell anything they want for anything they want anywhere they...
Selling DIY for profit on head-fi is against the rules, including through the pm system, and you can be banned for repeated offenses.  Charging for time would be a violation of the rules. If you want to make a profit, you can become a MoT, but head-fi is a community for hobbyists.  It's not here so somebody can set up a little side business for themselves unless they want to do it legit.
You can always pm a mod to ask for that change.  Maybe provide a link to make things easier.  Just a suggestion. 
Just want to say that I loved this amp with the HD800s at CanJam.
Seeing as folks in this thread were asked to take off-topic conversations to the members' lounge, where they are welcome, but think it more fun to post like immature trolls, this thread is closed, one member is now on vacation, and if any one else wants to test their luck in that department, fee free.  
  I strongly suspect that we have very similar taste in music.   Stooges fan here as well.  
I totally forgot about the existence of the JH10X3.  I supposed if you really wanted to go that route, you could talk to them and find out.
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