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I miss scrypt.   There are quite a few members I respect for their ability to convey information in a way I never could, but if we're talking just style, I gotta say, I almost always enjoy posts from samgotit, duggeh, glendale viper, kirosia,The Monkey, and grawk.
Locked until this thread can be cleaned up, which may or may not happen any time soon considering how much there is to clean up.   
Well, after staying away from purchasing new pistols for a bit, with the heat of summer on, and considering my girl clothes, I picked up these today:  two seecamp .380s (had been on order for almost 20 months), and a Springfield EMP 9mm, which is a really good size for me.             (swiped pics from the Internet)   I'll be going to the range tomorrow for some fun.
Congrats, Purk.  Right now, the Qualia is the only dynamic headphone that interests me after hearing it in my rig.  Since I'm somewhat familiar with yours, I'm sure it sounds great.
Yup.  Thank goodness I don't have to live with that choice.
My limited experience with the LCD2 and bass response: full-bodied, deep, precise, does not overtake the rest of the spectrum, killer.
The 600s/650s do not do very well in 98% of portable rigs, though if you haven't heard them in a proper rig, you may think they sound okay.  Your choice, obviously.  In my experience, they require a decent amp and will reveal your source, so you don't want to be feeding them mp3s.  If I were looking for a portable set up, I would not be looking at higher-end Senns at all.
X2.   My only real suggestion here is not to consider the headphones separately from the rest of your system. The Stax O2MK1 (I also like the MK2) is my current main headphone, but although I always appreciated it, I do not like it in most systems I've heard, and it's wasn't until I was willing and able to drop some serious cash into the amp I now have, as well as make a source change, that I could say that I'm not looking to upgrade further, and even sold my beloved...
Well, I got mine yesterday.  I knew I'd love it because I'd spent enough time with friends' ipads, but I'm thrilled.  Waiting for my camera kit to arrive (not til end of july) then to connect it with a pico dac, and see how well it does with music.  Right now, I'm just downloading too many apps, and seeing all it can do.
You can do whatever you want on your own, and that's fine and dandy.  If you use head-fi's resources to do so, you are in violation of the rules you agreed to when you signed up here, and may lose the privilege of being a member here at all.  
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