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This American Life. 
I've bought a decent amount of gear, and at one time had way too many headphones, amps, sources, etc.  Much of that was the learning process and needing to own gear for awhile at home before I could get of sense of its qualities as well as a sense what I liked and what I felt was lacking.  At some point about a year ago, I hit the "good enough" level, and decided on a main home rig, an office rig, a computer rig, and a portable rig, and sold the rest.  I have one thing...
I have ordered four items from them, and got them all without problem.
When I was in college, my friends and I all went to a tattoo place.  This was around 1979 or 1980. I was indecisive and didn't get one.  My friends all got small tattoos either on their ankles, upper back near their shoulders, or just below their panty line on their bellies.  Now that we're all 50, I'm really glad I didn't get one then.  Add a few pounds, lose a few pounds, have a baby or three -- with the exception of my one friend who got a butterfly on her ankle,...
If you get a suspicious pm, please report it.
Ari, I gave you a thumbs up, not because that was a good post, but because you have nice sunglasses.
JH13s, though based on my limited exposure with the JH16/3A at CanJam, I'm going to put my vote there, but will wait until I receive mine to confirm.
This is a DBT free forum.  This thread is locked until it can be cleaned up.  If you want to have a DBT discussion, please do so in the Sound Science forum.  If you can't follow the rules with posting here, you're basically asking to not be allowed to post at all.  Your choice.
This thread is so very closed thanks to members who continue to not think before posting.
HF-1s and K701s had just come out when I started reading.  Not long after I joined, the commercial real tiny portable amps (RSA Hornet, headamp A-2, Xin amps) were a pretty big deal.  The Darkvoice 336 and Heed Canamp also came out and were big.  I remember getting in on the first order of the Heed and being very excited.  Not too long after, Ultrasones were a huge FOTY, and I tried to like them, but couldn't.  Those, and buying the MS-1s after reading page after page,...
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