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I liked my Kindle a lot, but I gave it to my mother after getting my ipad.  If I did a lot of reading outside, I would have kept the Kindle, but since I don't, the ipad works best for me, and I don't need both.  All my books from the Kindle transferred over with the Kindle app, so that made my decision easy.   Look in the gear forum here, there's a whole Kindle thread there.
    This.     I have zero doubts that the final product will be as good or better than what I heard at CanJam.  My money stays in the pot as well.
I've had my ipad for a month now.  NPR, NPR music (definitely check out this free app!), Instapaper, Guardian EyeWitness, BBC, NYTimes, Plants vs. Zombies, Netflix, Epicurious, Words with Friends, Atomic browser, getting my Kindle books transferred over...Totally love it.  The only thing I wish for is to be able to have more than one app open at at time.
I'm not a big tv fan, and hadn't turned it on since the end of hockey season.  Just happened to be procrastinating from doing work on Sunday, turned on the tv, and caught the first two episodes.  I might want to follow this one.  It held my interest, and I want to find out what happens next.
How are you a long-time fan yet just joined yesterday?
And there's a nice full-circle by going back to Detroit.  Wondering where he'll fit in.  Third, forth line?
None, but I said that I would buy none in 2010, and I bought JH13s, JH3A/16, HF2, and two pair of SRH840s, though I sold my MDR-R10s, both 840s, my UE11s, and an old pair of HD600s, so it evens out.  Still, I'm happy with what I have now, and am not looking to buy.  I was quite fond of the LCD2s at CanJam, and they interest me, but I really don't think I'll get them this year.
Very cool, Wayne.  You need to invite us all over now. 
I just deleted a page of posts.  If your post(s) were deleted, consider yourself warned, and you are asking for a vacation from posting if you continue.  Trolling, insulting members personally, even if in response to being provoked, or quoting trolling posts just to stir the pot some more really bring this forum down.  Please knock it off.
I got a pair of open box Audioengine A2 for my office desk from OneCall.  I wouldn't have known they were used when they arrived.  The box and all the packing appeared new to me.
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