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  Current gym rig: JH13s, iphone Current around town rig: JH13s, headamp pico slim, ipod classic Current work rig: Grado HF2, LaRocco PRI, ipod classic  Current main home rig: Stax O2MK1, Headamp KGBH SE, APL modded Phillips SACD1000 Incoming bedroom/office rig: JH 3A/16, ipad or macbookpro   Don't make too many assumptions about women.  
W.P.U. spammers ruin another thread.  
ooops.  Fixed it, thanks.
Of the people I know personally who have actually heard the A3 and purchased it (I certainly don't know everyone who has), none are prone to hype, though they are prone to enthusiasm.  All have experience in pretty much everything that's considered high-end in the headphone world for the past 5-10+ years, many have extensive experience with audio gear in general (speaker rigs, recording, etc.), are adept at critical listening, and are well aware of the importance of...
I got my call from Jaime last week re hoodie, chatted with Zac re design, and am now very eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 3A/16s, which I'll be using, for starters, with my ipad and the camera connection kit.  
I've heard the demo unit of the A3/!6, which I ordered on the spot.  I've also heard the the LCD2 with four different amps and sources.  Both headphones are pretty wonderful.  To speculate on which one is "better" is just stupid.       
Don't go around making statements like that unless you've heard the other custom iems you're claiming you know all about.  That's just trash talking.  JHA doesn't need that kind of help, and it only makes you look bad and brings down the quality of this forum.  I'm an admitted JHA fan, coming from the UE11s.  I love my JH13s, and have the 3A/16 on order, and have no interest in other brands, but it's embarrassing to read this kind of crap unless you can back it up by...
I talked to Adam last week, and am hopeful that that that we won't be waiting too much longer. 
Well, and then there is this review:   It's simply one of the best I've ever read, but it took him four years.   I get your point, Monkey, and it seems that some "reviews" tend to be imitations of what someone thinks a review should be, but since I've been too lazy to write one in the past couple years, I suppose I can't complain.  I do ignore the ones that...
I liked it, but removed it due to language at the end.  Can't be posting that here.  Sorry.  Thread closed.
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