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Has anyone been following or heard any news suggesting the release of the NightHawk headphones by the acclaimed cable manufacturer Audioquest?   From what is on their website, and the materials being used, this sounds VERY interesting!! Much like Oppo getting in to the game, Audioquest has a bit more experience with noise, jitter, etc I would think. To this end, I look forward to someone helping track these and providing feedback here!?!   Cheers   iMac=>NAD...
PaPiro----  I second that for some really high quality Supertramp maybe Crime & Breakfast and Floyd with some Zeppelin all, A MUST!!   I like spinning vinyl and CD but the quality from the HD Tracks is wonderful. Try Rumors Fleetwood Mac. It's a good one too.
If you pick up The Dead's American Beauty You'll notice for SURE.....granted, you have to have decent audio equipment! Im running mine off my macbook pro->PreampParasound P5 w/DAC->Balanced Audio TechnologyVK55 tube amp-->NAD1050-> Audeze LCD XC and/or out to my Magnepan 1.6 w/o NAD or headphones.   Sounds sooooooo sweet!!!!!       Best
Per the Oppo Site:   Expected Availability: June 2014 Expected Price: $699 The OPPO PM-2 Planar Magnetic headphone offers a different way of thinking about planar magnetic technology. The PM-2 is characterized by its natural, dynamic, and engaging sound quality with an emphasis on comfort and reduced weight. It is the result of many years of research led by a team comprised of passionate audio and acoustics engineers, chemical and materials scientists, and audiophiles....
Why buy the PM1 at that price when the PM2 is coming out in June with a price tag around $700? What am I missing?
As a newbie here coming from; Parasond P5 Balanced Audio Tech VK55 power tubes Vienna Acoustics, NAD 1050 DAC, Arcam Preamp Parasound A21, rcam rDAC and D-Sonic 1200 wpc power amp into Gunned Magnepan 1.6's I purchased my first headphones Beyers DT AE 770s with NDA DAC and Bellari amp with 5 different tubes Tun Sol golds my fave so far. unfortunately I get Parasound, Classe, B&K, Arcam, Marantz, Rotel, monitor, REL, KEF and a few other that I can get for cost. No good cans...
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