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Thanks for the response, jodgey4. I'll definitely look into the HP-800s and the V-Moda Mic as well. I looked through that thread as well, and I'm really bad with so many options, as they all look great haha.
This is a little past my budget, but does the microphone produce good results for streaming? I know the mic is the cheap part of the two (headphones + mic), but I was recommended it by several friends.   Headphone: http://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-ATH-AD700X-Audiophile-Open-Air-Headphones/dp/B009S332TQ/ref=lh_ni_t_mi?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A13BNE3P7C8THK   Mic:...
Background: _______________________________________________   I recently started wanting to stream on Twitch when I moved and got some great internet speed that could finally support it.   I first started using a crappy Xbox Turtlebeach headset with 3 adapters for a headset / mic. Then, a few weeks ago I bought the Razer Kraken for an instant replacement because the Turtlebeach's were so bad. However, I quickly returned the Kraken after a few days later because of how...
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