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Let´s wait!!! 
Do you think someone looking for an ak100II should instead go for the ak70?Is the ak70 a better player?
Don´t understand why the ak100II is keeping the same price tag with the release of ak300 and now ak70...
Do you think for IEM´s the less power of the 100II is a better choice?I wan´t to buy an AK player... can´t decide between ak300, ak100II and now...ak70I use Noble Audio 3 iem and I will only use the player with IEM´s. Any advise would be great!
Aren´t the specs the same as AK100II? Why does it cost less then? Also, with ak300 ou now, why is the ak100II keeping the same price? AK70 vs AK100II: that would be a great comparison!
I don't understand why the ak 100II is more expensive in many online stores thank the ak 300. It's about 100$/€ more expensive. Does anybody know why?
I just don´t have budget for an ak380... :(Is there a reason you pick the AK 100II over the AK300? They have the same price tag. I´m sure the 100II is smaller making it more pocket friendly than the ak300.
I love the sound of my Theorem 720, plus the battery life is quite remarkable. The only downside, from me, is the background noise with sensitive IEM´s. But the fact is, when the music is playing, except quiet classical music passages, the hiss is gone. I can´t wait to hear some feedback from people who listened to the ak300. I was just about to buy the ak100II but now I think I´ll wait for some sound impressions.I see you have the Layla´s and ak380 combo. That must be...
I don´t care about DSD, although I have some DSD files on Audirvana that are played in PCM on my Theorem 720. My questions is: will be there a difference playing 24/192 bit files on AKM4490  or in a Cirrus Logic CS4398? tx
Do you think the 100II is more analytical and cold compared with the ak300? The dual dac ak320 also doesn't play dsd natively. Don't understand the marketing and the target for the ak300 besides the screen and form factor of a 300 series. If they would cost the same, which one would you buy, 100II or 300 in terms of sound performance?Thanks
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