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Does anybody know's how does the AK 100 II drive the EL-8 Closed? They are just 30 ohm but they are plannar magnetic... Thanks!
  I will!  
I see. That´s great to know!Thank you very much!!
That´s good to know!You mean you got you paypal payment of $250 but when you sent it by mail, you registered as $75?What was the procedure? So like that I can tell to the seller what to do for me to avoid the taxes in my country. Thank you!
Where did you buy yours from? Need to find  someone to get me one from the US :)
I checked it, but the problem is when I´ll be charged with the international taxes and fees :(
I mean " Wouldn't blink" !!
For 550 I would even blink :)I wish I could get one for that price, but I´m from Europe and the AK 100 II is sold here for 1060 eur that equals 1 157 Us dollars. Insane!!
This thread is quite long already... I have read quite few pages.   Still cant decide if  I should get the 100II or the 120II. Never heard both. Tried the user interface of an demo k240. It´s great! I´m coming from a Theorem 720 but since I´m just using iems at the moment, I really want a good quality dap.   Also, is there a diference between the line out quality between 100II and 120II? People tend to not speak good stuff about the ak´s line out. Why is that? Not a...
So do you think the Mojo paired with an iPhone with 24 bit files will be a better solutions in terms of soul quality than the AK 100 II?Not as portable...but better?
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