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Thank you HiFligh!
Hello to all,   I have a question:   Most IEMS/CIEMS I see around, even top end CIEMS have the cable terminated in single ended (3.5mm). If someone have a ray samuels SR-71B or Theorem 720, does it have any advantage of using the balanced out put form the amp or single ended is a better option for IEM/CIEMS?   Thank you!
I heard his cables and adapters are very good!   http://www.plussoundaudio.com/customcables/interconnect.html   If you use a balanced to 3.5 mm adapter, than I guess you don't have a balanced sound anymore, since your plug will be single ended.
The AK100II doesnt have a fixed volume line out. The balanced 2.5 out is like the 3.5. I think the volume is always controled by the ak100II.I love the sound of Ray Samuels SR 71B, so i thought pairing the ak100II with it.My headphones and IEMs have balanced RSA/ALO terminations because I currently use a Cypherlabs Theorem 720 and use the balanced out.
If I use the AK 100II 2.5 balanced out with an external portable amp, it means I will have 2 volume controls? One in the AK 100II and one in the portable amp? Thank you for your help akhyar!!
Does the case comes with the inside foam?Because the one I found in amazon doneness´t come with the nice foam inside.Thanks!
Thank you akhyar! That´s what I thought! 
Hello to all!   I have a question regarding the balanced out of the ak 100II:   Is it a line out for IEM / HEADPHONES balanced 2.5mm  ou is it suposed to be a fixed level line out?   Thank you!!
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