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Does ak300 support 200GB cards?
Anyone knows where to buy an ak300 original case? Are the ak300 and ak320 100% fisicaly identical? Thanks!
Thank you Soundblast75,I think I'm going for the ak300. I came from a theorem 720, hissing with iems, but with a very nice sound signature. I believe ak300 will have the same signature with a more developed dac.
Thanks!The feedback I was looking for. Far away from the subjectivness of this already subjective matter.
So, to you ears, ak70 is more musical and vibrant than the ak300, right?
How would you descríeis both in terms of sound signature?I need to decide between ak70 or ak300. I have Noble3 iems but plan to update to K10 or Katana.I'm afraid that ak70 will sound to analytical and thin compared to ak300...
Some people say that k300 souds flatter (not in layering, soundstage or separation) but in terms of music presentation and emotion. Can anyone give an input on this?  Thanks!
That's good to know!Based on what I've read, I had the impression that ak300 was more musical, lush and analog kind of sound compared to ak70. Ak70 shares the same dac has the 100II with is kind of analytical for my taste...How did you find the screen quality of the ak70? I heard is not the same technology and quality of the other models. Is it true?
I think you are right! A well implemented dac can sound great, but I also lean on a more analog signature like b brown or akm.
I would love to try them but in Portugal there are no stores with AK products :(I´m just concerned that ak70 sounds to thin and analytical compared to the ak300. I like analog and lush sound, but I read many people saying ak 70 is warm and very musical. Small is great but hear many complains about battery life....
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