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Selling my loving pico slim. Great sounding amp specially for IEMs. Bought an AK70 and no longer use it.  The amp is in mint condition. No scratches, no marks. The leather case has normal wear signs. The battery last forever. HeadAmp Pico Slim - 180 eur. HeadAmp Pico Slim + (forza audio works) LOD - 205 eur. Price includes PayPal taxes but not shipping rates. PM if you're interested.
Green for me and green for you.
 This is what I mean. When used as a DAC connected to your computer, the max out put should be 24/96 like it´s write in the manual.The player it self, of course goes 24/192 but not when being used as a sound card for your Mac.
I thought used as DAC connected to PC,  AK70 was only 96 máx.  But my audirvana shows 192 in green. Is it capable of 192?
Are the connectors the same size as the hd650? With reversed cups, will a cable built for the hd650 fit? Thanks for the help!
-Headphone(s) / earphone(s) you possess: Noble 3U, Sennheiser HD25 Aluminium, RHA 750i -Any DAP(s) / DAC(s) / amp(s) you may possess: Astell & Kern AK70, iPod 5th gen, Head Amp Picco Slim. -Descriptions and links to review(s) you may have posted: - -Your geographical region (e.g. the city and country you live in): Lisbon, Portugal -Your native language (and any other languages you may be able to write in): English, Portuguese
Sorry. You are right. Sorry for my poor English.I only tried the 2 different outputs of the ak70. My question is:If anyone tried ak70+cv5 VS ak70 balanced out. Sorry to cause misunderstanding :)
 The thing is, I never heard ak70 + cv5.My comparison is only between the 2 outputs of the ak70. One being balanced and the other being single end.I thought based on some reviews I read about cv5, that this amp added some more detail in the bass and a more spacious and airy sound to the ak70 player. Yes, I much prefer the balanced out. But still, I was wondering if the ak70 paired with cv5, even being single ended, that could be even better than the 2.5 balanced out from...
Astell & Kern says Ak´s output is made by the DAC that controles the volume. Max volume = line out.This is not a true line out I guess... My question is regarding the ak70 2.5mm balanced out vs ak70+cv5 3.5mm single ended.When I tried both, I could immediately hear the difference between the balanced vs single ended outputs from the ak70. The balanced one is so much more refined and detailed...
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