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Does ak300 have usb host function like ak70? Can I connect it to another dac through usb out?
Hi georgelai57, Did I understood right you own an ak300? How does it sound? I have a Noble3 IEM but planning to go to the K10 soon and I´m looking for a portable player. I´ve been using a Theorem 720 with headamp pico slim for IEM´s.Have heard so many great things regarding the ak70... just afraid it sounds to bright and analytical.... I´ve read the erafonia review, but still can't decide which one should I go with.Ak300 I´ve heard it has a great analog feeling, warm tone...
Need to decide between ak70 and ak300. I live in portugal and can not try them :( I have Noble3 IEM but plan to upgrade in the future for K10 or Katana. I listen to almost everything. Like analog warm detailed sound. Thays for any advise!!
Does any one can make a comparison between ak70 and ak300 soundwise?
Does any body can tell if this cable is only compatible with the mentioned models? Any reason for not being compatible with ak300? ​Seems to be a great option to connect to your balanced desktop amp... The down side of ak300 cradlle, is not being able to output the balanced xlr when the ak is used as a DAC and concede to your mac|pc.   Model Compatible Models Wire Specifications Terminal Specifications Pin XLR Cable   Astell&Kern Balanced Cable /...
Obrigado! :)
I´m from Portugal. From where do you advise me to buy schiit products from?Thank you!!
Does ak300 support 200GB cards?
Anyone knows where to buy an ak300 original case? Are the ak300 and ak320 100% fisicaly identical? Thanks!
Thank you Soundblast75,I think I'm going for the ak300. I came from a theorem 720, hissing with iems, but with a very nice sound signature. I believe ak300 will have the same signature with a more developed dac.
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