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Thanks for you input Matt! I might get the duet
Hello to all,   I´ll soon buy an Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo-db and would like to know witch amp should I get for it. Alo Audio Rx Mk3-B+ or Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Duet?   Thank you very much for your wise advise and expertise and inputs!!    Cheers!!
Hi,is it still for sale?Thaks
Hi, is it still for sale?Thanks!
Thats a great Amp/Dac from what I have heard! I also live in Europe... and all those great brands like alo audio, rsa, cypher labs in the U.S.   Do you know some places where I can buy alo audio in Europe besides audiogarden?
HI! Is it still for sale?
Hi!   Are you selling the intruder or are you looking for one? Cheers
Me too! I would like to see the feedback from someone who have used both.I´m planing on buying a portable amp/dac this summer, the Predator or the International+ As far as I know, the international+ have some advantages:24bit vs 16bitBalanced output and inputCharges via micro usbmore towards apple idevices
Hello to all, Im planning to buy this summer a portable amp/dac for my iPad mini and mackbook air. I find myself between the predator and the international. The Predator: Amazing battery life Life time warranty The International: 24bit ( how much is the predator?) Help needed!! Thank you!!
250 ohms!!
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