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Good? Nah. Great.
Sorry gosod. I didn't mean they are bad. They sound really nice. I like the sound but build quality is a shame. Not at this price for example i had a lot of 100 $ IEMs but build quality was really better than this one. But if you are considering to use them everyday on the go you must have easy access to guarantee because they are fragile. They really tried to get best possible sound of it and they have succeeded in a lot of ways.
Ok. I've listened to mine couple of hours. How they did this? I mean how it's possible? Really. It's really really unexpectable. I hate Sennheiser because the sound is heavily engineered down to last details. I like westone because they really tried to make the best sound possible. But this one! They are something else. It has a unique character I never seen anything come close to it not even on ears. The sound is fun in serious songs it's serious at some places dark when...
No they just had W series at the time.As you can see the 3.5 mm connector starts to tear off by only working about 3 weeks and I've won't wear them for work yet. And faceplate has cracked completely. This build quality can't be coincidence I'm sure westone had a lot of research and development to find this material on 21st century because they are really cra*.
Bought se846 two weeks ago. They are really amazing. I bought westone w60 at the same day and after just 10 days there are multiple fractures in the structure of IEM. But this shures build quality is really really high. I had a question are the cable on 535 and se846 are the same? And is linum cables have better sound quality than the shure ones?
Well today I've talked with gold repair store to make me my custom design faceplates and they will cost me around 300$ to make a pair. The sound quality is great but when I look at my se846 it's looks like a child's toy. Has anyone tried to make custom faceplates? Is there going to be safe? I really can't go for warranty to replace them. I also have a linum cable but haven't use them yet. Is it going to be safe or it's going to crack like hidehide on this forum (post...
Shame on you westone. I just bought mine 10 days ago and I leave it on days so it get burn in and use it only on nights. But the faceplate cracks wide open. In 200$ option at least you get faceplate that won't crack this much soon. You charge 1000$ and use cheapest recycled plastic other manufacturers offer wood or even carbon fiber in this price range but you have 50 years experience in making this and made this with that experience huh? Nice job really nice job. I...
Yes I've used the same source in store. And same songs. and here is the picture of faceplate. And it writes under the faceplate w60 and write w60 on faceplate so I'm sure faceplates are for this product. I've left it for burn in. Hope it helps on soundstage.
Bought w60 today. My source is iphone 6 and I have zero bit track. I hear hiss sound when I place the volume on middle. And in store test unit had great soundstage but now the singer is singing in my head maybe closer. And the face plate has a gap and won't fit on earphone perfectly. Oh man the build quality is really crap. In compare to se846 it feels like a child's toy. Even my sennheiser monentum in ear has better quality and it's just 100 bucks.
How is this iem with standalone source as iPhone? I want to buy a pair but will it be good or go with downer models?
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