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I've just searched and it takes 0.1 amper to kill you and kse1500 are lower than 0.001 a so it will be extra safe. But man it is really adrenaline pumping know 200 v is around and in your ears. that alone worth 1000$ adrenaline shots.
I've read on shure website the output voltage is 200 V. Is that means the wire is in your pocket or the wire that goes around the ear? Or just inside amp?
Thats 3.6 $/hour in first year for kse1500Ithink it's not worth it. And in my experience in walking you can't enjoy all of it. I sit everyday and listen to it 4 hours a day almost all of the year so for me it will be 2.1 $/hour if i have it for first year but i'll use it for at least 2 years.I think it's not for you especially i never can handle dac on walking changing music is really not fun.
Does anyone have problem with se846? Or know anything about avarage lifetime. I've owned a lot of earphones and i know cheap and midrange earphones but how long will se846 work 2000 3000 hours? I'm asking this because i find a new pair but with 1 year guarantee. Does it worth it my avarage listening rate is about 1500 hrs a year.
Thanks everyone. I bought E17 today.
 Is the quality of X5 is better than E17 or E18? (and most important I mean audio in from my PC to headphones)  I can't say i'm sad with my on the go source but i'm sure i'm sad with my home source. If you think it's not worth it or it is a dumb question to ask please tell me.
Hi,   I want an DAC to use it most in home and in a little on the go. My source is iphone but two devices are hard to carry. I want to know your opinion on this three Fiio E17 , Fiio E18 , Fiio X5 (this three are the only ones I can get my hands on).   I want to get E17 but i'm thinking if I don't want to carry both of them X5 will be enough and I can use it in home (I read it has audio in and out). How the sound quality compares? Is it worth it to get X5 just for...
So I'll order shure se535ltd with aurisonics asg2 sthealth finish with two 70$ spare cables for each one. what about them I didnt see any review or anything about them.
and I really have a problem with 535 ltd they're red. the price is only 20$ diffrence but the color is so lame. is diffrence really noticablewith normal one?
Is there a diffrence between cables of the shures. In some forums they say they are another companies which make cables that the sound is diffrent. How about earpods are they gonna need change in time I haven't any problems with mines but in pictures the shure's one seem different. And I'm really carefull with my IEM so I dont think they gonna break over time. And about aurisonics go with asg2 or asg1 there is 160$ diffrence are they worth it? And about shures i'm going...
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