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Whats the fastest way i can get the zicrons i dont want to wait like 3 or 4 weeks to get them
Thank you for the replies I love the design on the zicrons so i think ill pick up those
Hi I am looking for some bass earbuds with a mic under $60 and need some recomendations I listen hip hop, rap, and edm
Are the skullcandy aviators any good for rock or are the 440s better
Yea they seemed to be pretty small
Edit: anybody try the v moda crossfade lp or m-80
Anybody try the v mods crossfade lp or m-80
That was a nice review definitely getting the 440s with 840 pads
What is the purpose of a amp for headphones
Thanks yea I'm not a basshead either so I'll being getting the srh440
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